Episode 14 | Terry Hoage: From Elite Athlete to Wine Proprietor

Not many people get to have on their resume: National Championship, Heisman Trophy Candidate, Super Bowl Champion, and successful wine maker. But Terry Hoage is one of the rare individuals who do, and on this episode, Terry talks about how he went from winning at Sanford Stadium to making touchdowns in the wine industry in Paso Robles, CA, and also the effect covid-19 has had on the local wine industry. He also talks about his longtime relationship with Coach Dooley, who once said he had the most recruited (Herschel Walker) and the least recruited player (Terry Hoage) in the same year.

Terry is a former UGA football player, Heisman Trophy Candidate, and 1984 SEC Player of the Year. He was a member of the infamous 1980 National Championship and teammates with Herschel Walker. His NFL career spanned 13 seasons with six teams, including the New Orleans Saints (where he met his wife). As a professional athlete, he reached the pinnacle of NFL success by becoming a Super Bowl champion on the 1992 Washington Redskins team. He is now proprietor and winemaker of TH Estate Wines in Paso Robles, CA, along with his wife Jennifer. Paying homage to his alma mater and football days, he named some of his wine, “Hedges”, “The Pick”, and “The 46”.

TH Estate Wines: thestatewines.com

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