Through The Uprights: UGA’s New Walk-On Kicker on Football, Classes and Finals During Covid-19

While school is ‘remotely’ in session and spring football practice for the Bulldogs has been on hold, Josh Winnett is doing his best to keep current with life during the unprecedented pandemic. Josh is a current student and the new walk-on place kicker at UGA. Having never played a day of football before, on January 17, 2020 he bravely tried out for the UGA football team, and to his excitement he received the good news that he made the team. However, making the team does not mean that he made the roster, and it was his hope that G-Day would be his opportunity to show off his skills and officially make the team roster. However, Covid-19 unexpectedly took over the world, and spring practice and G-Day were canceled and classes were moved online.

He gives us a peak into what the team is doing to prepare during this time, which includes at-home strength training and conditioning assignments and weekly Zoom meetings. He looks forward to when the team can start practice again and have the opportunity to show off his skills on special teams.

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