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Red White & True | Episode 4 | Continue To Serve: Voting Lessons From Ramadi For OUR Republic | Interview With Navy SEAL Lt. Cmdr. Ed Hiner

When a legendary Navy SEAL calls you back into duty to “Continue To Serve” it makes sense to listen. During this episode, Catherine discusses with Ed Hiner, a 20 year Navy SEAL Commander and the CEO & Founder of The Hiner Group and Asymmetrical Evolution, the importance of voting and the perils of mail-in voting when wholly unprepared. Ed expresses his concerns about the perils ahead during this contentious election season and the need for veterans and essential personnel (meaning all of us!) to pitch in and serve this country by assuring smooth elections. Ed’s message: time to get back into action and serve the most the fundamental aspect of our republic: voting.

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SEALpreneurship | Episode 13 | Seeing Fear As A Gift During COVID and Life | Interview With Ed Hiner and Ruben Navarette

During this episode, Ed Hiner and leading national columnist Ruben Navarette, discuss fear, focus, control and the opportunity to turn fear from a disease into a gift! Expanding on their interview which became a Washington Post column, Ed and Ruben shed light on strategies on surviving and thriving both during and after the COVID pandemic. Whether it is shutting off the 24 hour news cycle or establishing rituals for the mind and body, fearful times are always opportunities for improvement and introspection with discipline of thought, action and purpose.

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SEALpreneurship | Episode 14 | Fear, Trust & Growth | Interview With Ed Hiner and Ruben Navarette

During this episode, Ed Hiner and leading national columnist Ruben Navarette, continue their discussion of fear and the the direct connection of struggle to human evolution. They delve into the covid fear era as an opportunity to reboot lives, families and societies by adopting an offensive mindset. You’ll also hear about the importance of trust in moving forward and the essential nature of trust – how it is gained and regained after being lost. The lesson is we must take the pain of covid and fear in general and turn it into a big gain and not lose the opportunity to reboot America into an even better nation for all.

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Red White & True | Episode 3 | The Cygnal & The Noise: Interview With Polling Superstar Brent Buchanan, CEO & Founder of Cygnal

In a world where trust is a commodity on the decline, is it a surprise
that even poll results are questionable? Well, as Brent Buchanan, the
brilliant CEO & Founder of Cygnal and one of the trustworthy leaders in
polling, reveals in this interview, it is critically important to obtain
a true representative sample of the people if you want to obtain
reliable data. Brent discusses the multiple channel polling strategy
deployed by Cygnal to assure a quality and believable poll. In short,
if you want bad results, just call landlines and cell phones! Or ask
the wrong questions with intentional bias in mind before you even start
the poll.

You’ll also hear Brent discuss a key issue regarding mail-in voting: the
problem isn’t mail-in voting; the disaster ahead is the lack of
preparation for the volume of mail-in votes that might be coming. Brent
also shares a few surprises he’s thought of for the November season!

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Red White & True | Episode 2 | The Mail-In Election of 2020: “Voter Confidence Could Be Gone For A Decade” | Election Commissioners Speak

Boy, oh, boy. Citizens are lucky to have the US Election Assistance Commission ( to try to keep our elections free and fair. And, we were lucky enough to have Commissioners Christy McCormack and Donald Palmer join us on this episode to discuss the November election. While we’ve confirmed it will be a free election, we’re not sure about the fair part! These two Commissioners are sounding a VERY loud warning bell about the potential disaster ahead and we hope the States are listening to the sound advice from these Commissioners. Dirty voter rolls? Yes. Logistical challenges? Yes. Paper shortages? Possible. Post office problems? Maybe. No decision on election night? Very possible. When the EAC says a 5-10 year process gets condensed to 5-6 months, then chaos mitigation becomes the mindset.

When asked about the prognosis for this year’s election ending up at the Supreme Court, “I wouldn’t be surprised” was the answer. And we should pay special attention to the Commissioner McCormack’s words as to what is at stake if we don’t get it right: “voter confidence could be gone for another decade.”

If you care about democracy, clean elections, and the need to heed the advice of a non-partisan and independent election Commissioners, you want to listen to this episode.

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Red White & True | Episode 1 | 2020 Election: 50x Worse Than Bush v. Gore In 2000 | Interview With Top Constitutional Lawyer Jim Bopp

In this first episode, you’ll hear Catherine engage in an excellent conversation with leading Constitutional lawyer and General Counsel of True The Vote, Jim Bopp. IF you think the pandemic made this year unique, wait until the November elections! Jim and Catherine discuss how the Presidential election may end up back at the Supreme Court like the 2000 election of Bush v. Gore. Rather frighteningly, Jim states that it could be 50x worse than the hanging chad debate! Jim Bopp was an attorney on the Bush v. Gore case, so this red flag is being waived by the man who was on point in 2000. Get ready, America. It’s going to be some battle, so listen in and share the episode.

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Through The Uprights: UGA’s New Walk-On Kicker on Football, Classes and Finals During Covid-19

While school is ‘remotely’ in session and spring football practice for the Bulldogs has been on hold, Josh Winnett is doing his best to keep current with life during the unprecedented pandemic. Josh is a current student and the new walk-on place kicker at UGA. Having never played a day of football before, on January 17, 2020 he bravely tried out for the UGA football team, and to his excitement he received the good news that he made the team. However, making the team does not mean that he made the roster, and it was his hope that G-Day would be his opportunity to show off his skills and officially make the team roster. However, Covid-19 unexpectedly took over the world, and spring practice and G-Day were canceled and classes were moved online.

He gives us a peak into what the team is doing to prepare during this time, which includes at-home strength training and conditioning assignments and weekly Zoom meetings. He looks forward to when the team can start practice again and have the opportunity to show off his skills on special teams.

Episode 11 | “Whattayagot, Loran?” The Legendary Voice of UGA Football

Loran Smith needs no introduction as most longtime UGA football fans will recognize his voice. It’s the voice that has been heard from the sidelines of UGA football for decades. The late legendary play-by-play commentator Larry Munson, used to pass the broadcast to Loran by asking, “Whattayagot, Loran?”

On this episode of 33N83W, he reflects on life in Athens in the 1960’s as a track star and Grady School student and his inspiration and path into broadcasting. As a Masters aficionado, he also reminisces about his impressive 50+ trips to the Master and authoring multiple books on the subject.

Having served as executive producer of the football coach’s television show, packager of the game radio broadcasts, host of the Mark Richt post-game locker room show, sideline reporter during the games, and current co-host of the pre-game Tailgate Show, he has bared witness to some of the greatest moments in UGA athletics.

Loran is a man who has lived a life in service of UGA, first as a track star earning both an MVP and the title of team captain in 1960, and later as Assistant Sports Information Director, Business Manager, Executive Director of the Georgia Bulldog Club, and member of the Athletic Association Development Office.

Throughout his career he has served as editor of the printed game day program and has been a prolific author having written 17 books and penning a regular column that still appears in the Athens Banner Herald.

Polina Marinova’s The Profile Is Getting Rave Reviews With Curated Content for Curious Minds

Learn from the most successful people and companies every week with Polina Marinova’s The Profile, a popular weekly newsletter that features stories and dossiers on people and companies across areas of business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more. Take for example, in a recently published dossier, The Profile highlights Kenneth Feinberg, the Master of Disaster, and his life as the man who oversees the funds that compensates victims of events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombings, to name a few.

Polina is the former author of Fortune Magazine’s Term Sheet, a widely-read daily newsletter on deals and dealmakers, startups and venture capitalists. She has interviewed some of the most inspirational and successful people in business, and she joins 33N83W remotely from her home office in NYC to talk about The Profile and the impact that Covid-19 has had on some of our favorite startups and businesses.

Enlightened | Episode 3 | “Patience and Grace” – Distance Learning

The Escondido Union School District is doing everything possible to serve its students and families. The schools may be physically closed, but EUSD is open for distance learning. Leveraging its existing one-to-one iPad program, EUSD is offering a blended-learning approach of online instruction and distributed instruction packets for those students who cannot access digital resources.

In this episode, Superintendent Luis Rankins-Ibarra describes how, with patience and grace, EUSD is providing distance-learning curriculum, tutorials, and a website dedicated to student resources.

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