Paul Berezetsky

Diabetes Research Connection Will Not Rest Until Type 1 Diabetes is Eliminated

Karen Hooper, Executive Director of the Diabetes Research Connection, chats about her organization’s mission to raise research dollars for early-career scientists to develop and implement innovative studies that will lead to the eradication of Type 1 diabetes.

Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians Celebrate Native American Heritage Month by Creating Profitable Businesses

Ruth-Ann Thorn, Board Chairwoman of the Rincon Economic Development Corporation, discusses the rich and diverse culture of her Rincon Band, including the development of revenue-generating businesses for the Band.

Armed Services YMCA of San Diego Does Note “Horse” Around When it Comes to Supporting Active Duty Military and Their Families

Tim Ney, Executive Director of the Armed Services YMCA San Diego, talks about the plethora of programs and services offered by the YMCA, including its popular “Horse of the Sun Ranch.”

Syracuse University Institute Launches “Game-Changing” Resource Center for Veterans and Their Families

Dr. Mike Haynie, Vice-Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation at Syracuse University, and Executive Director for the Institute for Veterans and Family Members, chats about the recent launch of the Institute’s National Veteran Resource Center.

Story 21 | Catherine Intoci | A Sobering Start To A Successful Period Of Sobriety

Listen to our bonus episode, our way of not ending at 20 episodes on the 20th Anniversary.
In this episode, Catherine Intoci, a mother of two living in Commack, LI, just 30 miles east of the Towers, tells her 9/11 story. And a beautiful story it is. During a time of great stress, Cat was eight days sober when the attacks happened. For many, sobriety sadly ended with the emotional stress of the attacks and the aftermath. But Cat found the strength to power through and maintains her sobriety to this day. God bless, Cat.

Her advice to future generations: make our presence in the world look more stable than it appears today

Story 20 | Dr. Ken Druck | Helping Families Find Purpose And Higher Ground From The Depths Of The Pile At Ground Zero

In this final episode, nationally renowned expert at finding purpose through grief, Dr. Ken Druck talks about the life-changing events of his life that led to his ability to help 9/11 families seek higher ground and write new chapters. Listen to how a phone call from a NY area Mayor took him from Del Mar to working the pit at Ground Zero, shoulder to shoulder with the families, and how he has continued to serve them for 20 years.

His advice for all: listen well and build bridges of understanding

Never Forget. God Bless America.

Story 19 | Rich Miller & Ryan Weaver | Friendship, Music and The First Flag Goes Up At Ground Zero

In this incredible episode, Ryan Weaver, veteran, Gold Star family member, and country musician who created the song “Never Forgotten” is joined by Rich Miller, a member of the NYPD ESU unit. You can feel the friendship, the emotion, and the story of the first flag raised by Rich Miller at Ground Zero, a flag he borrowed from nearby Stuyvesant High School.

Never Forget. God Bless America.

Story 18 | Samuel Davis III, Department of Justice | The View From A Federal Prison

Samuel Davis III, working for the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons shares the atmosphere and the interactions with the prisoners during 9/11.

His advice to future generations: live a life of devotion, dedication, and integrity

Story 17 | Ruben Navarrette | Freedom’s Price Is Sacrifice, Patience, and Endurance

A master communicator who has become the #1 syndicated Latino journalist in America, Ruben Navarrette shares his morning in Dallas during the attacks while working for the Dallas Morning News and the challenges of getting the emotional tone right on paper while fueled with anger. Ruben shares some incredible stories about Flight 93 – recently shared with his daughters – and the heroism all around.

His advice for future generations: understand the trade-off between sacrifice and convenience and realize that just because we’re not at war with someone doesn’t mean they are not at war with us.

Never Forget. God Bless America.

Story 16 | Gary Denham. SEAL Team Six | Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Unity

Gary Denham, a 20 year SEAL, with 10+ years with DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) discusses having just left his team to join a detachment in Virginia Beach, allowing him to train SEALs in armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat and become a full-time father. Then, 9/11 happened and Gary discusses the feelings he experienced knowing the men he’s training are going to war, while he is injured and unable to deploy. You can feel the mental anguish in Gary’s words.

His advice to future generations: don’t fall for the divisive flames being fanned