Paul Berezetsky

Covering the Military: A Journalist’s View

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), is joined by Andrew Dyer, military reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune, to discuss Dyer’s high profile military coverage, including the recent trial of Navy Seal Ed Gallagher.

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum’s Explosive Growth

Wendy Taylor, Executive Director of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, discusses the Museum’s meteoric growth through its Museum’s for All program and Mobile Children’s Museum.

Director, Actors Shout Out Lonely Planet Production

Kristen Fogle, Executive Director of San Diego Writers, Inc., shares the stage with Director Levi Kaplan and actors Adam Cupper and Randy Huft in Steven Dietz’ Lonely Planet play.

World Famous Sand Sculptors Return to Broadway Pier

Gordon and Joyce Summer, Producers of the 8th Annual U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge & Dimensional Art Exposition, chat about their August 31-September 2 event at Broadway Pier that features jaw-dropping massive sand sculptures.

Renowned Cardiologist: Significant Increase in Younger Stroke Victims

Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a nationally recognized cardiologist and author (Complete Guide to Women’s Health), talks about strokes and stroke prevention.

Commander of 1st Marine Division to speak at SDMAC Breakfast

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), discusses the August SDMAC Breakfast featuring MAJGEN Castellvi, Commander of the 1st Marine Division, and upcoming California Military Summit.

El Capitan Football Coach Previews Vaqueros Prospects

Jess Kearney, Union-Tribune Deputy Sports Editor, Steve Brand, Awards Director for the San Diego Sports Association, and Julien Des Pres, are joined by Ron Burner, football coach at El Capitan High School, to chat about the Vaqueros prospects this season.

Demystifying the World of CBD Through Research and Events

Celeste Miranda, CEO and Founders of MACE Media Group, chats about her organization’s mission to disseminate the most accurate and current information about CBD Research. Miranda discusses MACE’s CannaFarm Con event that is slated for August 1-2 at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.

Transforming Underserved Youth Through Academic Mentorship and Urban Squash

Renato Paiva, Executive Director of Access Youth Academy, is joined by Susan Taylor, an Access Youth Academy Board member, to talk about the extraordinary success of the Academy that makes a 12-year commitment to underserved students beginning in 7th grade and ending after their college years.