Paul Berezetsky

Episode 34 | “Collaboration and Coordination” Keys to San Diego Veterans Coalition Success

Mark Balmert, President & CEO of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), is joined by Ron Stark, President of the San Diego Veterans Coalition, to talk about the coalition’s commitment to serving veterans and their families through collaboration and cooperation with like-minded organizations. Balmert highlights the upcoming Townhall Speaker event with Mayor Todd Gloria. 

Journeys Map Provides Roadmap for Lifelong Learners Navigating Their Academic and Career Aspirations

Peter Sibley, CEO of Journeys Map, is joined by Journeys Map Director, Scott Sibley, to discuss their company’s “game-changing” app that helps learners at all life stages navigate to their next journey. The father/son duo highlight their company’s work with Junior Achievement and the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence. The Sibley’s emphasize the importance of creating career pathways that are tailored to the individual interests of their users, as well as programs that foster lifelong learning.

Insurance Services Company Provides Concierge Experiences to Clients

Stephanie San Antonio, Founder and President of SSA Insurance Services, talks about her company’s mission to help business owners cultivate a company culture founded in wellness and happy lifestyles. San Antonio details the Happy Health Wealthy Challenge, a transformative nine-week program geared towards impact CEOs and their teams. San Antonio also chats about the challenges that come with being a mother of young children and a CEO of a thriving business. 

“Go, Grow, Exceed, Excel” Mantra of East West Building Solutions

Jhoie Cruz, President & CEO of East West Building Solutions, discusses the region’s ever-changing real estate market in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cruz highlights the hard work of her close-knit team and details how her company’s fast-paced remodeling work benefits clients. Cruz recounts her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons that came along with it. 

Balboa Park Cultural Partnership Shines Light on Cooperative Spirit of Park’s Iconic Organizations

Peter Comiskey, Executive Director of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, is joined by John Bolthouse, Executive Director of the Friends of Balboa Park. Comiskey chats about the collaborative work of the park’s myriad cultural organizations. Bolthouse underscores the important role public advocacy plays in maintaining the park. 

Emergency Response App Changes the Way Emergency Services are Summoned

Paolo Piscatelli, President of Rescu, discusses the origins Rescu, which were borne out of his family’s 50 years in the world of public safety dispatch. Piscatelli talks about the benefits Rescu subscribers enjoy, including quicker emergency response times and automatic notifications for family members.

SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Coaches Benefit from National University’s Mentor Training Program

Nancy Jones, Associate Faculty at the National University Department of Engineering & Computing, discusses the role mentors play in the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge. Jones highlights NU’s Mentor Training program and the interpersonal skills that are sharpened throughout the challenge. 

Nature Unplugged – Inspiring Wellness By Unplugging Our Digital Devices

Sebastian Slovin, Founder and President of Nature Unplugged, is joined by Sonya Mohamed, Co-Founder and COO, to discuss the positive psychological benefits that come with decreasing screen time and stepping outside away from our devices. Slovin and Mohamed, a husband and wife team, chat about their new book, Experience Nature Unplugged: A Guide to Wellness in the Digital Age. 

What’s New at The New Children’s Museum? A Lot!

Megan Dickerson, Director of Exhibitions for The New Children’s Museum, chats about the new developments taking place at the museum. Dickerson talks about the importance of the arts in everyday life, especially during this crippling pandemic. Dickerson discusses the museum’s Artist in Residence — Panca — and her current project, El Mås Allå.

Episode 33 | Enabling Self Sufficiency is Priority #1 for Warrior Foundation Freedom Station

Mark Balmert, President and CEO of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), is joined by Greg Martin, President of the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, an organization that enables post-9/11 veterans to live self-sufficient lives. Balmert highlights the successful relaunch of SDMAC’s virtual Townhall Speaker series. Martin discusses the Freedom Station’s Mentorship program and the importance of maintaining a sense of community post-service.