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Crime in the Era of Covid with Kerry Steigerwalt

On the docket in this episode, DM attorney Aaron Steigerwalt talks to his father, Kerry Steigerwalt, partner at Sevens Legal, and Jay Monico, associate at Sevens Legal, to get you up to speed on the new criminal laws that you need to know about, the effect Covid-19 has had on the criminal justice system, and the increase in rape, domestic violence, DUI, and vandalism cases since the pandemic began.

Aaron Steigerwalt is an associate at Denning Moores and his practice centers on civil litigation, including business litigation, construction law and personal injury litigation. As a second generation attorney following in the footsteps of his father, he brings strong analytical skills, knowledge of the law and genuine advocacy to the table.

Kerry Steigerwalt is a partner at Sevens Legal and with over three decades of successful criminal defense litigation experience, Kerry has become one of the most well-known criminal law attorneys in San Diego, California. With over 100 jury trials in his background, he has successfully defended numerous clients against capital murder charges and multiple 3 strike cases. In addition, he has handled Many high publicity cases appearing on 20/20, 60 minutes, 48 hours, Oprah Winfrey another national and local news stations.

Jay Monico Is an associate attorney with sevens legal. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1999 two 1003 and since becoming a lawyer he has successfully defended numerous clients against vandalism, DUI, domestic violence, rape, and hit and run with death cases.

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Episode 17 | In the Red Zone with the Touchdown Club & Dan DeLamater

In this episode Dan DeLamater takes us inside the Touchdown Club of Athens, a club that was established in 1946 for UGA football fans and that now hosts well-known speakers from ESPN sports broadcasters to UGA football greats at its coveted member meetings at the Athens Country Club, and has the patronage of the legendary Loran Smith among many others. Dan is the clubs most recent past president, and he shares with us some private stories about some of its patrons and speakers including one on Coach Kirby Smart! Dan is also a frequent guest lecturer at the Terry College of Business. He is married to a UGA alumna and parent of two UGA students. What makes his story even more inspiring is that he dedicates his time and support to the University, all while never having attended UGA as a student (he graduated from Georgia State). If you are a fan of UGA football, parent to UGA students, or a Terry College of Business student or alum, this episode is one you do not want to miss!

33N83W is a podcast curated for the alumni and fans of the University of Georgia. It’s our mission with every episode to remind you of all the reasons why you can be proud to be a Bulldawg! We do this every episode by introducing you to the alumni and people who have made a difference and continue to inspire us!

E2 | Yvette Porter-Moore | Historian, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Dreamer

In this episode of Willie’s Barbershop, you’ll listen to Cheryl Morrow cut deep with the multi-faceted teacher, researcher, historian, entrepreneur, dreamer and Willie Morrow mentee, Yvette Porter-Moore. From the time she met Mr. Morrow when she was 11 years old, she understood the importance and power of perception. From his black entrepreneur meetings to the 92.5 radio years, she experienced the Willie Morrow principles. And his principle of recording history resonated deeply as she has become a historian for the discovery of Black San Diego. Her discussion of mistrust and generational amnesia in the black community is an important construct for all to hear and feel. And act upon!

Thank you for listening to Willie’s Barbershop. Where The Knowledge Cuts Deep.

E1 | Kenyatta Griggs | Barber, Author, Film Producer, CEO, Hip Hop Motivation

In this first episode of Willie’s Barbershop, you’ll listen to Cheryl Morrow cut deep with brilliant entrepreneur and Willie Morrow mentee, Kenyatta Griggs. From the peaceful pain of almost dying after being shot six times to the salvation and evolution which followed, listen to Kenyatta – barber to the stars, author, filmmaker, and CEO of Hip Hop Motivation – share some real wisdom and discuss some powerful Willie Morrow principles.

Thank you for listening to Willie’s Barbershop. Where The Knowledge Cuts Deep.

Kicking the Nuclear Cannister Down the Road: The San Onofre Nuclear Waste Case

On the docket in this episode we are taking you inside the courtroom to hear from former US Attorney and federal prosecutor, Chuck LaBella, who is working on the high profile San Onofre nuclear waste case. He’s been on the frontlines of a very contentious and heavily litigated battle against a potential Chernobyl-level like nuclear waste crisis in San Onofre, California.

In the 1960’s, The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), a nuclear power plant was built in San Onofre in a tsunami zone near the coast. The plant had to be shut down and begin decommissioning in 2013 after replacement of the steam generators failed, which meant the spent nuclear waste needed to be disposed of. Yucca Mountain, Nevada had been designated as the place for the storage of spent nuclear fuel. However, during the Obama administration, Nevada objected to their facility being used for out-of-state nuclear waste, which left nuclear power plants with no place to dispose of their spent nuclear fuel and other high-level radioactive waste. The solution at San Onofre was to bury the 4000 tons of nuclear waste underground along the coastline, where it sits now. However, the cannisters that the fuel was buried are only guaranteed for a specified number of years, which is less than the life of the nuclear waste. All it takes is for a little bit of the waste to leak from the containers to trigger a major nuclear disaster.

Chuck is a former US Attorney and federal prosecutor, deputy chief of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Fraud Section, where he supervised white collar crime investigations and prosecutions throughout the country. Most significantly, he was responsible for the conviction of Las Vegas Home Owners Association crime kingpin Leon Benzer, the case led to 40 other convictions. He also served as the supervising attorney of the Department of Justice Campaign Finance Task Force. The task force was charged with investigating the possible illegal infusion of Chinese foreign money and the use of ‘’soft money’’ in connection with the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign. He now works in the private sector as Of Counsel at Barnes & Thornburg focusing his practice in leading internal investigations, white collar criminal defense and representing clients in business litigation.

Tina Denning is the Managing Director of the premier firm Denning Moores. She has over 20 years of experience practicing in the areas of construction law, business litigation and personal injury, and she litigates disputes from the claim stage through arbitration or trial and post-judgment collection efforts.

Ep 16 | Ramona Ault | Singer-Songwriter and Local Bluegrass Band Member

Ramona talks with Gary about her beginnings as a music artist, what life’s been like during the pandemic and work with her bluegrass band, Prairie Sky. Ramona also performs three original songs.

Ep 15 | Michael Tiernan | Music Was Not His Original Higher Calling

Gary talks with Michael about how he got involved in music, who he listens to, his songwriting and so much more. And of course, Michael performs three original songs!

Episode 16 | The Business of Sports: The UGA Alumni Sports Industry Council

In this episode, Michael Cheney, President of the UGA Alumni Sports Industry Council, tells us all about the new Council, its mission, and how he was able build it from an idea he had to an illustrious board of advisors of sport industry veterans and providing scholarships to students within the UGA Sport Management and Policy Program in only two short years. The Council currently includes the likes of Vince Thompson, Founder and CEO of MELT; Percy Vaughn VP at Kia Motors America and Chairman of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Board; Chip Caray, Play-by-Play Announcer for the Atlanta Braves & Fox Sports South; Susan Goodenow, VP of Marketing and Communications for Chicago Bulls; and David Koonin, Agent for Creative Artists Agency Sports, to name a few. Coach Jack Bauerle serves as its Athletic Department Liaison.

The UGA Alumni Sports Industry Council is an external advisory board that serves the students and faculty at UGA by providing access to practical professional experience in and executives across multiple sports business related disciplines. It provides guest lecturers, reviews and contributes to curriculum, fundraises for and provides scholarships thru the UGA Foundation, works with students in career development, provides access to coveted internships, and sponsors an annual on campus internship program.

Michael is a Terry College of Business alumnus with extensive experience in marketing having developed partnership marketing and sponsorship strategies for Coca-Cola, Sprite, PowerAde, Visa, and BMW, among others. He has negotiated with the IOC, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB Media, and multiple sports teams across all major US Sports, the US Open, Pebble Beach, IMG College and many more. He is currently a California Bulldog, but flies cross country to Athens, GA often because he is a parent to current Swim Dog, Teagan Cheney, and to a future Swim Dog, Brennan Cheney! Brennan will be joining the UGA Swim Team in 2021! To inquire about the Council or to donate to the scholarship you may reach Michael directly at

33N83W is a podcast curated for the alumni and fans of the University of Georgia. It’s our mission with every episode to remind you of all the reasons why you can be proud to be a Bulldawg! We do this every episode by introducing you to the alumni and people who have made a difference and continue to inspire us!

Conservancy Ensures Natural Spaces Remain Part of Community

Trish Boaz, Executive Director of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy (SDRVC), and Jonathan Applebaum, Conservation Manager of the SDRVC, talk about the conservancy’s dedication to preserving natural spaces and placing importance on climate resilience, carbon sequestration, and social inclusion in their projects. Applebaum elaborates on the SDRVC’s newest acquisition of 117 acres of land north of Del Dios Highway. Boaz highlights the importance of working alongside other conservation-minded organizations to ensure natural spaces remain development-free.

Cloudcast Media Cause Concerts Delivers Music for Social Benefit

Charles Parisi, Founder and CEO of Cloudcast Media, is joined by Jeff Mohr, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Cloudcast, to talk about Cause Concerts, a program that utilizes the unifying power of music for social good. Parisi chats about how he and his daughter worked together to develop the initial concept for cause concerts through their Songs for Shelter events benefitting homeless teens. Parisi and Mohr discuss how Cause Concerts adapt to challenges presented by the pandemic.