Episode 15 | Jamie Gray Hyder is the New “Bulldawg” in Blue on Law & Order: SVU

Actress and UGA grad Jamie Gray Hyder joins this episode to talk about all things UGA and what it’s like to be the new bulldawg in blue on Law & Order: SVU! As the new series regular, she talks about what it’s like work with Ice-T or “Uncle Ice” as she thoughtfully refers to him as and Marsika Hargitay. She also reflects on her days at UGA, being on the international sensation True Blood, and how she became the star of one of the most successful video game franchises ever – Call of Duty. As an ethnically diverse female actress, she also opens up about the sense of responsibility she feels when representing her Lebanese-American roots in the characters she plays, and she shares about the rollercoaster that being in the entertainment business can take you on, including the time when she had to file for unemployment. Oh and by the way she is not only smart, savvy, mutli-talented, and successful, she gives back by lending her star status to helping various veteran causes as well.

If you were a True Blood fan, you may remember her as the strikingly beautiful and badass werewolf Danielle on Seasons 5 and 6! For fans of hers and the show, she gives us a little insight on what it was like to be on the set and work with the infamous cast, which starred Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård, to name a few.

You can catch the accomplished UGA graduate from the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences (with a degree in Theater & Film Studies) in her latest role as Officer Kat Azar Tamin in Law & Order: SVU.

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Episode 14 | Terry Hoage: From Elite Athlete to Wine Proprietor

Not many people get to have on their resume: National Championship, Heisman Trophy Candidate, Super Bowl Champion, and successful wine maker. But Terry Hoage is one of the rare individuals who do, and on this episode, Terry talks about how he went from winning at Sanford Stadium to making touchdowns in the wine industry in Paso Robles, CA, and also the effect covid-19 has had on the local wine industry. He also talks about his longtime relationship with Coach Dooley, who once said he had the most recruited (Herschel Walker) and the least recruited player (Terry Hoage) in the same year.

Terry is a former UGA football player, Heisman Trophy Candidate, and 1984 SEC Player of the Year. He was a member of the infamous 1980 National Championship and teammates with Herschel Walker. His NFL career spanned 13 seasons with six teams, including the New Orleans Saints (where he met his wife). As a professional athlete, he reached the pinnacle of NFL success by becoming a Super Bowl champion on the 1992 Washington Redskins team. He is now proprietor and winemaker of TH Estate Wines in Paso Robles, CA, along with his wife Jennifer. Paying homage to his alma mater and football days, he named some of his wine, “Hedges”, “The Pick”, and “The 46”.

TH Estate Wines: thestatewines.com

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Episode 13 | Spy Dawg: Espionage, Football & Music

A UGA graduate who becomes a spy and shatters cultural barriers to rise thru the ranks of the CIA to become the Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Center, Chief of Africa Division, and Chief of CIA’s iconic operational training facility.

Today’s guest is someone that I met at an alumni reception in Beverly Hills years ago, and at the time he handed me a business card that stated he worked for the State Department, but I had a feeling there was more than meets than eye. And I was right! My guest today is Darrell Blocker, a former high level intelligence officer for the CIA. You could say he was the real life Jack Ryan and 007.

In his 32 years in the Intelligence Community, he rose to the rank equivalency of a 3-star general, served as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), Chief of CIA’s iconic operational training facility, Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Center, Chief of Africa Division, and served multiple times as a Chief of Station. When he retired in October of 2018 he was the most senior black CIA officer in the Directorate of Operations.

He’s now an ABC News Contributor as the go-to guy for all things North Korea, Iran, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence; he can also be found on set serving as a consultant to the show Condor, collaborating on several creative endeavors, and also working as Chief Operating Officer for MOSAIC, a strategic crisis management intelligence and security advisory firm.

Episode 12 | Through The Uprights: UGA’s New Walk-On Kicker on Football, Classes and Finals During Covid-19

While school is ‘remotely’ in session and spring football practice for the Bulldogs has been on hold, Josh Winnett is doing his best to keep current with life during the unprecedented pandemic. Josh is a current student and the new walk-on place kicker at UGA. Having never played a day of football before, on January 17, 2020 he bravely tried out for the UGA football team, and to his excitement he received the good news that he made the team. However, making the team does not mean that he made the roster, and it was his hope that G-Day would be his opportunity to show off his skills and officially make the team roster. However, Covid-19 unexpectedly took over the world, and spring practice and G-Day were canceled and classes were moved online.

He gives us a peak into what the team is doing to prepare during this time, which includes at-home strength training and conditioning assignments and weekly Zoom meetings. He looks forward to when the team can start practice again and have the opportunity to show off his skills on special teams.

Episode 11 | “Whattayagot, Loran?” The Legendary Voice of UGA Football

Loran Smith needs no introduction as most longtime UGA football fans will recognize his voice. It’s the voice that has been heard from the sidelines of UGA football for decades. The late legendary play-by-play commentator Larry Munson, used to pass the broadcast to Loran by asking, “Whattayagot, Loran?”

On this episode of 33N83W, he reflects on life in Athens in the 1960’s as a track star and Grady School student and his inspiration and path into broadcasting. As a Masters aficionado, he also reminisces about his impressive 50+ trips to the Master and authoring multiple books on the subject.

Having served as executive producer of the football coach’s television show, packager of the game radio broadcasts, host of the Mark Richt post-game locker room show, sideline reporter during the games, and current co-host of the pre-game Tailgate Show, he has bared witness to some of the greatest moments in UGA athletics.

Loran is a man who has lived a life in service of UGA, first as a track star earning both an MVP and the title of team captain in 1960, and later as Assistant Sports Information Director, Business Manager, Executive Director of the Georgia Bulldog Club, and member of the Athletic Association Development Office.

Throughout his career he has served as editor of the printed game day program and has been a prolific author having written 17 books and penning a regular column that still appears in the Athens Banner Herald.

Episode 10 | Polina Marinova’s The Profile Is Getting Rave Reviews With Curated Content for Curious Minds

Learn from the most successful people and companies every week with Polina Marinova’s The Profile, a popular weekly newsletter that features stories and dossiers on people and companies across areas of business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more. Take for example, in a recently published dossier, The Profile highlights Kenneth Feinberg, the Master of Disaster, and his life as the man who oversees the funds that compensates victims of events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombings, to name a few.

Polina is the former author of Fortune Magazine’s Term Sheet, a widely-read daily newsletter on deals and dealmakers, startups and venture capitalists. She has interviewed some of the most inspirational and successful people in business, and she joins 33N83W remotely from her home office in NYC to talk about The Profile and the impact that Covid-19 has had on some of our favorite startups and businesses.

Episode 9 | Andres Villegas, President & CEO, Georgia Forestry Association | Timber, Technology and Leadership Of The #1 Forestry State

#1 Ranking! We’re not talking football. We’re talking forestry! Learn the power of timber, the many high tech applications of wood products, including your phone, and the importance of consumption to a healthy industry. You’ll also learn that 200 million trees were planted in Georgia in 2019! Did we beat Florida and Alabama? Listen in and learn how Andres Villegas (Georgia ’98), the President and CEO of the Georgia Forestry Association, leads the 22 million acre, $37 billion industry that is driving innovation through the US and on the global stage.

You’ll also learn about the deep roots of Andres to UGA, raised in Athens by amazing science leaders at UGA, and the great advice given by his older brother who went to Notre Dame (spoiler alert: don’t leave Athens!).

For more information on the amazing state of forestry in Georgia and the leadership of Andres Villegas, visit www.GFAGrow.org. Go Dawgs!

Episode 8 | A Life Well Lived: Claudia and John Noell on Friendship, Gratitude and Giving Back

In this episode, listeners will hear from two honored alums, John Noell, a lawyer for 50+ years and a member of the Sigma Chi Order of the Constantine, and Claudia Noell, President of Tri Delt and honored by the College of Family and Consumer Sciences as among their 100 most influential graduates during the school’s first 100 years. Claudia and John, who met on campus in October 1962, talk about how to live life well, represent the University of Georgia in stellar fashion and to embrace all with the spirit of friendship. Top movies and songs of 1962? It’s in the episode! Lessons for life and role models for all Dawgs? Yes, absolutely! Enjoy!

Legendary Swim & Dive Head Coach Bauerle, 2-time Olympian Nico Kintz, & Molly Kintz Walk Into a Podcast

UGA Swimming and Diving Head Coach and 2008 Team USA Olympic Head Coach for the Women’s Swim Team Jack Bauerle; 2-Time Olympian and UGA alum Nicolas Kintz; and his wife and alum Molly Kintz join 33N83W for a no-holds-barred and candid conversation about all things UGA swimming, past and present.

Coach Bauerle is the man responsible for putting UGA swimming and diving on the international map. Due in large part to him, UGA is one of the most represented universities at the Olympics and other major world swim and dive competitions. Like turning water into wine, he molds his students into scholarly-athletes, record setting collegiate swimmers, and world-class Olympians. Nicolas Kintz is a 2-time Olympian for the French National Team and one of Coach Bauerle’s many former swimmers who helped break records for him and UGA. Nicolas and his wife Molly met at the Washington Street Tavern in Athens, GA in November 2001 following UGA’s defeat over GA Tech. Their college romance turned into marriage, and today they are raising their two young girls to be future Swim Dawgs.

Coach Bauerle has under his belt 45 Top-10 teams, 7 NCAA and 12 SEC crowns with the Lady Bulldogs; SEC Coach of the Year 18 times (16 with the women, two with the men); National Women’s Coach of the Year 7 times; and 1st among active NCAA coaches, 1st all-time in the SEC, and 2nd on the all-time list for number of wins.

He fosters a strong bond with all his current and former swimmers, and with his former teammates and coaches from UGA. In this episode, he takes a walk down memory lane and shares his memories from college, his days as a student-athlete, the moment he decided to become a coach, to the time when he was announced as the 2008 Team USA Olympic Head Coach for the women’s swim team. As an added bonus, he gives us the scoop on how Matt Stafford, former UGA and current Detroit Lions QB, came to know UGA, and who to start following on social media from the current UGA Swimming & Diving Team (because they’re that good and we may see them at the 2020 Olympics)!

Ep 6: Meet David Kramer, One of the Most Powerful People in Entertainment

David Kramer is “One of the Most Powerful People in Entertainment” per The Hollywood Reporter. He’s Co-President of UTA, one of the top talent agencies in the world, and he took time out of his busy schedule to talk to 33N83W and his fellow UGA Bulldog community! He’s a true ambassador to the UGA brand and a testament to the caliber of alumni within the UGA community!

He talks about his start in the mail room, his rise to becoming Co-President of UTA, and how the agency stays ahead of the game. He talks about his laundry list of A-list clients, Klutch Sports (think LeBron James), and much more!

David oversees UTA’s powerhouse portfolio including motion picture literary and talent, comedy touring, endorsements and voiceover, production, media rights, publishing, and UTA IQ. Kramer joined UTA’s Agent Training Program in 1992 and built a client base that includes many of the most critically-acclaimed and top-grossing writers, directors, producers, and multi-hyphenates in the business. He serves on the Advisory Board of the prestigious Peabody Awards and on the Media and Entertainment Council for Lincoln Center.