Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

San Diego Tech Hub and University of San Diego Announce “Data Science For Good” Free and Virtual Workshop


Drew is joined in Studio North by Dr. Ebrahim Tarshizi, Academic Director, USD MS in Applied
Data Science Program and Claude Jones, Founder, San Diego Tech Hub to discuss their new collaboration, Data Science for Good, a free and guided virtual workshop. The free 3-part, 90-minute virtual workshop series will develop data science skills, help advance your career, and drive social change. They also discuss the motivation behind this collaboration as well as other great initiatives from the San Diego Tech Hub.

For more information, please visit www.sandiegotechhub.org

Fleet Week San Diego Celebrates The Military With Many Events And A Boat Parade On November 11th


Drew is joined in Studio North by Maggie Young, the Executive Director of Fleet Week San Diego. With San Diego being the #1 military city in the US, it is not surprising that Maggie and the team celebrate the “week” for months, ending with a Boat Parade extraordinaire on November 11, 2021.

For more information, please visit www.fleetweeksandiego.org

Hospital Infantil and The Foundation for The Children of the Californias Lifts The Health and Lives of Children


Drew is joined in Studio North by Jose Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Children of the Californias, a tri-national collaboration with Canada, the United States, and Mexico, endeavoring to improve the health and nutrition for the children of the mega-region of San Diego and Baja California through the operation of Hospital Infantil de las Californias, a model pediatric specialty medical and education complex, located one-half mile into Baja California, Mexico.

A bit of a hidden gem contributing greatly to the regional health of children, Jose discusses the various collaborations and services which serve to lift and change lives through accessible, affordable, and high-quality medical services for children on both sides of the border.

For more information, please visit www.usfcc.org

San Diego Surf Riders Look To Launch A Cricket Craze With Community-Driven Approach


Drew is joined in Studio North by the two co-owners of the San Diego Surf Riders, Gangaram Singh and Jimmy Anklesaria for a great conversation on the game of cricket, known all over the world but little understood in America. To address this gap, Jimmy and Gangaram are looking to start a cricket craze in San Diego by building a grassroots effort to work with kids, schools, and sponsors to embrace cricket and build a fan base for their professional cricket team.

For more information, please visit www.sandiegosurfriders.com

Gary Weitzman, CEO, San Diego Humane Society | Fur Ball 2021 Is Back On October 2nd!


The always great Dr. Gary Weitzman, the CEO of the San Diego Humane Society joins Drew to discuss that the great Fur Ball is back and will be held on October 2nd. Gary shares the financial importance of this event, while also providing an enlightening perspective on the mission of the Humane Society and the need to collaborate with other San Diego organizations to create the healthiest San Diego, recognizing the role of animals in health and happiness.

For more information on the San Diego Humane Society and the Fur Ball, please visit www.SDHumane.org.

American Freedom Foundation Discusses Live Programming In Washington, DC During the 20th Anniversary of 9/11


Drew is joined in studio by Ted Hacker and SMA Jack Tilley, the co-founders of the American Freedom Foundation. We learn about the success of their amazing new podcast Your Next Mission and their upcoming live-streamed event from the Air Force Museum on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. It is going to be a very special event and heart-wrenching for SMA Tilley as he was at the Pentagon during the attack which killed 125 Americans.

For more information on the American Freedom Foundation and Your Next Mission, please visit www.YourNextMission.org

Gwen Bates Discusses Fashion Week San Diego And Their New Haute STEAM Program For Students


Drew welcomes Gwen Bates, the Director of Fashion Week San Diego, into the studio to discuss the upcoming kick-off of Fashion Week on October 2nd in San Marcos. Gwen also discusses her journey from a young entrepreneur and fashion accessory designer to her current role. Also revealed is an exciting new program called “Haute STEAM” to teach students the concepts of fashion sustainability to lessen environmental impact.

For More information on Fashion Week San Diego and Haute STEAM, please visit www.fashionweeksd.com.

San Diego Gives Drives Local Giving For Over One Hundred Non-Profit Organizations


If you live local, then why not give local?

That is exactly the concept and power behind San Diego Gives, a collaborative and convenient way for San Diegans to find and fund a cause they love. In this episode, two non-profit leaders and among the 100 non-profit participants in San Diego Gives, Krishna Kabra, the CEO of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum and Scott Rasmussen, the Executive Director of Hands of Peace, discuss San Diego Gives and the power of giving local. They also discuss with Drew their two amazing organizations!

For more information on San Diego Gives, including finding a non-profit to financially support, please visit www,sandiegogives.org. Thank you for listening and giving local!

Chasin’ Dreams Farm Pops Out Sorghum Based Little Flavor Bombs


Listen to a classic entrepreneurial story with Sydney Chasin, the Founder & CEO of Chasin’ Dreams Farm, and learn how she started and launched her healthy little flavor bomb of a company using sorghum, an ancient grain. Sydney even mentions that her company, selected by Mondelez for their inaugural CoLab venture hub group, is now crowdfunding to allow fans and investors an opportunity to invest.

Super Heroes: Jose Cruz and Kristie-Bruce Lane from the San Diego Council On Literacy


Listen to Drew dig deep with Jose Cruz, the Executive Director, and Kristie Bruce-Lane, Board Member, with the San Diego Council On Literacy, on how to change the future by changing literacy in San Diego. Particularly moving is Kristie’s very personal challenge dealing with her son’s reading skills. And you’ll also learn more about the Mission Fed and ComicCon sponsored upcoming program on “Financial Literacy Super Heroes” using comic books to teach important concepts.