Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

Padres Pedal the Cause Raises Over $13 Million for Collaborative Cancer Research

Anne Marberger, Executive Director of Padres Pedal the Cause, to discuss the organization’s mission to accelerate cures for cancer by funding collaborative research and clinical trials among San Diego’s top cancer research and treatment centers. Marberger chats about the upcoming Bound for Cures virtual event, in which participants run, walk or cycle to raise funds for cancer research.

Landscape Architects Fosters Social Connection in Public Spaces

Chris Stebbins, President of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) San Diego Chapter, returns to kick off World Landscape Architecture Month. Stebbins chats about Park(ing) Day, an annual event that encourages community members to transform metered parking spaces into temporary parklets. Stebbins highlights public spaces in San Diego that foster social connection and discusses why these spaces are so sparse in the United States. 

Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Childhood Domestic Violence

Kristie Bruce-Lane, Founder and President of the Thumbprint Project Foundation (TPF), is joined by Elisabeth Caetano, Licensed Psychotherapist and TPF Board Member. Bruce-Lane highlights TPF’s mission to aid in the transitional process of homeless children who have been impacted by childhood domestic violence. Caetano discusses the life-changing applications of EMDR therapy – a treatment that allows patients to heal from past traumatic events. Caetano also speaks about challenges victims of childhood domestic violence face moving through life. 

College Student Shines a Light on Invisible Illness and Misdiagnosis

Isabella Pihas, a Bard University psychology major, illuminates the often overlooked pattern of misdiagnosis in patients with invisible illnesses. Pihas recounts her personal experiences with an autoimmune disorder and the implicit biases within the medical community which led to her misdiagnosis. Pihas also brings attention to the communities that are most affected by implicit biases, particularly women of color. 

Success Stories Abound at Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Shauna Stalnaker, an Alumnus of the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), is joined by Patty Zamora, Salvation Army Community Relations Manager, to discuss Stalnaker’s journey from addiction to recovery. Stalnaker talks about her future aspirations, while Zamora talks about the Salvation Army’s ongoing fundraising efforts that include a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 21 for their new Rehabilitation facility in Otay Mesa.

San Diego Writers, Ink – Helping Writers Tell Their Stories

Kristen Fogle, Executive Director of San Diego Writers, Ink, chats about her organization’s dedication to nurturing writers at all stages in their career. Fogle provides advice for young writers looking to tell their stories. Fogle also highlights her newest book, This is My Life … A Guided Journal, as well as upcoming programs and workshops at San Diego Writers, Ink. 

Transforming Adversity into Opportunity With Ken Druck

Ken Druck, CEO of Druck Enterprises, speaks about his mission to help people transform adversity in their lives into opportunities for growth and courageous living. Druck discusses the “new not normal” we will face in the wake of COVID-19 and how individuals will need to recalibrate moving forward. 

Valuable Tax Season and Retirement Tips From Mission Federal Credit Union

Doug Wright, Chief Financial Officer for Mission Federal Credit Union (MFCU), is joined by his colleague, MFCU 1st Vice President, Sreeni Rao, to talk about changes to the tax laws, along with tax planning tips when filing taxes this year. Rao underscores the importance of saving early and often for retirement and emergency funds. 

Journeys Map Provides Roadmap for Lifelong Learners Navigating Their Academic and Career Aspirations

Peter Sibley, CEO of Journeys Map, is joined by Journeys Map Director, Scott Sibley, to discuss their company’s “game-changing” app that helps learners at all life stages navigate to their next journey. The father/son duo highlight their company’s work with Junior Achievement and the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence. The Sibley’s emphasize the importance of creating career pathways that are tailored to the individual interests of their users, as well as programs that foster lifelong learning.

Insurance Services Company Provides Concierge Experiences to Clients

Stephanie San Antonio, Founder and President of SSA Insurance Services, talks about her company’s mission to help business owners cultivate a company culture founded in wellness and happy lifestyles. San Antonio details the Happy Health Wealthy Challenge, a transformative nine-week program geared towards impact CEOs and their teams. San Antonio also chats about the challenges that come with being a mother of young children and a CEO of a thriving business.