Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

Commercial Real Estate Professional Lends Expertise to Nonprofits

Karen Trimble, President of CRE Execution Strategies, discusses how leveraging her real estate acumen has enabled her to be a longtime supporter of local nonprofit organizations. Trimble underscores the value her expertise and training programs bring to lenders, law firms and nonprofits. Trimble also discusses the mutually beneficial relationship that can be fostered between banks and nonprofit organizations.

Award-Winning Journalist and Author Recounts Storied Media Career in Memoir

Barry Jagoda, award-winning journalist and author of Journey’s with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media, recounts his experience covering iconic events such as the JFK assassination, the moon landing and Watergate. Jagoda chats about his work within the Carter administration, as well as the state of journalism and politics today.

Kate Sessions Commitment Cultivates Healthy Communities One Tree at a Time

Anne Fege, Urban Forester and Co-Founder of Kate Sessions Commitment, discusses the movement’s focus on increasing San Diego’s tree canopy, engaging communities, and inspiring local climate action. Fege underscores the environmental and psychological benefits of a greater number of trees in the community. Fege also discusses the role youth play in the movement. 

Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center “Paves Way” to Recovery for Men and Women Struggling with Addiction

Captain Paul Swain, Business Administrator for the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, details the center’s successful methods for helping adults struggling with addiction to get back on their feet. Captain Swain talks about the challenges adults in recovery face and the skills they learn at the center. Captain Swain also discusses the Paver Fundraiser, which allows donors to permanently cement their names into the grounds of the new Rehabilitation Center in Otay Mesa.

Health Coalition Speaks About Disproportionate Effect of COVID-19 on Latino Communities

Nancy Maldonado, CEO of the Chicano Federation, speaks on behalf of the newly formed San Diego Latino Health Coalition to underscore the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on Latino communities. Maldonado presents figures depicting the overrepresentation of Latino workers in more susceptible industries. Maldonado emphasizes the Coalition’s strong message to only attend holiday gatherings with those in one’s household.

Local Singer Songwriters Discuss Repercussions of a World Without Live Music

Jorge Israel Luna, Co-Founder, Drummer and Singer for the band ROCIO, is joined by Isabella Pihas, Singer-Songwriter and Psychology and Ethnomusicology student at Bard College, to talk about being a musician in the COVID-19 era. Luna explains the scientific reasons people are negatively affected by a world without live music. Pihas discusses the trend of mental illness in musicians and the impacts of a loss of connection due to social distancing. Luna and Pihas also chat about their creative processes and musical influences.

Immunotherapy Foundation and UCSD Partner to Fight Cancer

Christina Jordan, Executive Director of the Immunotherapy Foundation, is joined by Dr. Ezra Cohen M.D., Medical Oncologist and Associate Director of Translational Science at Moores Cancer Center, to detail promising cancer treatment methods. Jordan talks about the foundation’s $6 million fundraising campaign and its Help Our Cancer Heroes campaign, which provided meals and PPE to nurses and doctors. Dr. Cohen explains the process of immune system activation for treating cancer and highlights the Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte clinical trials taking place at UCSD.

Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Impacted by Behavioral Challenges Brought On by the Pandemic

Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society, is joined by Amanda Kowalski, the Humane Society’s Director of Behavior Programs, to talk about the pandemic’s impact on animals and their owners. Dr. Weitzman discusses the unprecedented low number of animals in shelters, as well as his behavioral training books written for families. Kowalski identifies new behavioral challenges pet owners faced in 2020 as they spent significantly more time with their pets since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Plastic Surgeon and Author Advocates for Animals Right By Way of Captivating Novel

Dr. Munish Batra, CEO of Coastal Plastic Surgeons and author of Animal, discusses his background as a surgeon and the events which led to his advocacy for animal rights. Dr. Batra chats about the influence his son has had on shaping his world view regarding animal rights, as well as the lessons he has learned from owning pets.

Father Joe’s Villages Successfully Turns Lives Around, One Step at a Time

Deacon Jim Vargas, President and CEO of Father Joe’s Villages, talks about his organization’s campaign to prevent and end homelessness, one life at a time. Vargas discusses the new process of distributing three meals a day to those in need, as well as the Turn the Key Initiative, which will establish 2,000 affordable housing units in San Diego. Vargas also underscores the exponential benefits of helping even just one person get off the street and into a stable life.