Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

Reducing Business Insurance Costs is Mission of RateCraft

Andrea Luoni, CEO and Founder of RateCraft, discusses the negotiation tactics her company utilizes to significantly improve her clients’ bottom line by reducing their insurance premium costs.

Fast-Growing Company Optimizes Its Expertise in Accounting and HR Services

Jennifer Barnes, CEO and Founder of Optima Office, Inc., chats about her company’s growth as a leader in providing outsourced accounting and human resources services for small and large business clients.

Epic Year-long European Trip in 1975 Comes to Life in Best Selling Book

Authors Marshall and Debbie Hockett talk about their recently published book, Tripping 1975: Falling in Love One Country at a Time. The Hocketts discuss their year-long European odyssey 45 years ago in their yellow VW camper, appropriately named the “Banana.”

Retreat Builds Human-Animal-Nature Bond with Students and Families

Agnes Barrelet, Executive Director of the Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation, chats about the Foundation’s vision to offer a rich connection between humans, animals and nature through student field trips, family events, team building activities and tours.

New CEO Takes the Reins of Barrio Logan College Institute

Jose Angel Cruz, new CEO of the Barrio Logan College Institute, discusses his top priorities to support the Institute’s mission to break the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to go to college.

Award-Winning Surgery Center Thrives on Innovation and Customer Service

Dr. Hector Salazar, Plastic Surgeon for the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, is joined by Monique Ramsey, GLAMFam-bassador and Chief Creative Officer, to chat about the Centre’s innovative approach to patient education and informed consent. Dr. Salazar and Ramsey talk about the Centre’s re-opening and its community philanthropy.

From Fire Captain to City Manager to Nonprofit CEO to C-Level Coach, This Leader Has Seen It All

Kevin Crawford, President of Kevin Crawford Consulting, uses his wide-ranging and diverse leadership background to work with current C-Suite executives to enhance their crisis management skills, as well as become “comforter-n-chiefs” during times of uncertainty, such as COVID-19.

Mission Federal Ramps Up Community Outreach During COVID-19

Neville Billimoria, Senior Vice President of Membership & Marketing for Mission Federal Credit Union, talks about his company’s overwhelmingly successful fundraising campaign with the San Diego Food Bank that raised funds to provide more than 1.8 million meals for San Diegans suffering from food insecurity. Billimoria discusses the credit union’s long history of its leaders investing their time and treasure in the community.

Linda Vista is Beneficiary of Long-Serving Bayside Community Center

Dr. Corey Pahanish, Executive Director of Bayside Community Center, is joined by Adam Osorio, Associate Director of Communications, to chat about the myriad programs, services and advocacy the Center provides the culturally diverse Linda Vista community.

San Marcos Organization Lifts Wounded Warriors Through Transitional Housing and Integrative Services

Mia Roseberry, CEO and Founder of Wounded Warriors Homes, describes the organization’s mission and vision of facilitating the transition of wounded warriors with Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Post Traumatic Stress to successful civilian life.