Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

Volunteers: The Heart and Soul of Meals on Wheels San Diego County

Brent Wakefield, President and CEO of Meals on Wheels, talks about the critical work of the hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers that deliver thousands of meals to those food insecure isolated seniors. Wakefield discusses the growing need for food assistance as well as the effects long-term isolation has had on the populations that Meals on Wheels serve.

Cal Poly SLO Student Leaders Promote Inclusivity on Campus

Kanika Chaudhary and Luke Dubois, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students and Co-Leaders of the Breaking Down Barriers training conference, discuss the importance of inclusiveness at their university. The Breaking Down Barriers training conference provides student leaders the tools to foster more inclusivity and diversity on campus. Chaudhary and Dubois chat about their experiences which led to the conference’s development as well as their community’s reception of the event.

Prison Arts Collective Brings the Transformative Power of Art to California Correctional Institutions

Annie Buckley, Founder and Director of the Prison Arts Collective, is joined by her colleague and Teaching Artist, Jennifer Poynter, to discuss their programs aimed at bringing the transformative power of art to correctional institutions in California. Buckley chats about the importance of helping those in prison connect with their creative side. Poynter discusses her role as a yoga, meditation, and breathwork instructor and what her incarcerated participants have taught her about life.

Nationally Acclaimed Cajon Valley Union School District Shouts Out World of Work Summit

David Miyashiro, Superintendent of the nationally acclaimed Cajon Valley Union School District, talks about his district’s innovative and student-focused approach to education. Miyashiro chats about the district’s much anticipated World of Work Summit that will be held November 5-6 in conjunction with the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

San Diego’s New Professional Basketball Team Gains Momentum

Kenneth Bishop, Founder/Team Market Owner, of the San Diego Guardians, is joined by Chaunteal Webb-Candler, Director of Community Engagement/Team Market Owner, to discuss new developments on their endeavor to bring professional basketball back to San Diego. Bishop highlights the team’s upcoming events and programs, such as the November 12 press conference aboard the USS Midway Museum; current partnerships and membership opportunities; and the new Guardians’ Elite club. Webb-Candler elaborates on the Guardians’ commitment to community outreach.

Salvation Army Opens New Residence to Serve Families in Need

Megan Dowell and Stacy Dertien of The Salvation Army talk about their charitable organization’s mission to help homeless individuals and families during this holiday season. Dowell, the Homeless Services Director, talks about the newly opened Rady Residence – a housing development that will serve 32 families, as well as the Salvation Army’s Rescue Christmas effort which will provide food and presents for families in need. Dertien, Director of Volunteers and Community Engagement, outlines the ways listeners can help the Salvation Army’s volunteer efforts including the donation-based Online Red Kettle program.

Award-wining Escondido Union School District Phases In Hybrid Model of Distance and In-School Learning

Dr. Luis Rankins-Ibarra, Superintendent for the Escondido Union School District, discusses his award-winning district’s strong response to the challenges of COVID-19. Dr. Rankins-Ibarra details the district’s quick pivot to virtual teaching in the Spring and its recent pivot to a hybrid model. The school district will be honored at the annual Classroom of the Future Foundation’s virtual Innovation in Education event with the Inspire Award for the Central Elementary School’s Beebots & Cubelets program.

Insurance Advocacy Company Saves Businesses and Nonprofits Millions of Dollars in Premium Costs .. Just Ask TERI

Andrea Luoni, CEO and Founder of RateCraft, discusses her company’s nearly 25 years of helping businesses and organizations save millions of dollars in insurance premiums. One such organization that has benefitted from RateCraft’s unprecedented success is TERI (Training, Education, Resource, Institute), a venerable, 40-year San Diego County organization whose mission is to change the way the world sees, helps, and empowers individuals with special needs. Joe Michalowski, Chief Financial Officer for TERI, talks about the myriad services offered TERI.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty by Preparing Underserved Students for Success in Higher Education is Job #1 for BLCI

Jose A. Cruz, CEO of the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI), chats about BLCI’s focus on breaking the cycle of poverty in local underserved communities by providing a pathway for young students to reach higher education. BLCI annually serves between 750-1,000 students, starting in 3rd grade through college graduation and beyond. Cruz highlights the resiliency of his students and staff through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retirement DNA Takes the Guesswork Out of Retirement Planning

Dan Dubois, Managing Partner for Retirement DNA, talks about his organization’s mission of helping companies prepare their employees for retirement. Dubois underscores the need to develop financial literacy skills as well as highlighting what people need to know about the new CalSavers program.