Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight On The Community

Father Joe’s Villages Successfully Combats COVID-19 Within Shelters

Deacon Jim Vargas, President & CEO of Father Joe’s Villages, talks about the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19’s impact on homeless individuals. Vargas chats about the challenges of mitigating the spread of the disease throughout homeless communities, while also highlighting the success Father Joe’s has had in flattening the curve in their facilities. Vargas tells the story of Ollie, a woman who was forced onto the streets after losing her job, and eventually found success through the service offered by Father Joe’s Villages. 

Talking Fear and Stress Management with best-selling author and decorated Navy SEAL, Ed Hiner

Ed Hiner, Retired Navy Seal and Best Selling author, is joined by Cloudcast Media Founder and CEO, Charles Parisi, to talk about Hiner’s new book, “GUTS: Greatness Under Tremendous Stress.” Hiner chats about the book’s powerful lessons for dealing with fear and stress in everyday life. Hiner and Parisi discuss their joint venture, SEALpreneurship, which teaches students the tools for managing stress and fears. 

“Ride With Emilio” Author Richard Nares Exemplifies Strength and Hope Through Difficult Times

Richard Nares, Author and Illustrator of the new children’s book Ride With Emilio and founder of the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF), discusses his intention to help parents cope with the difficulties of having a child with a cancer diagnosis. Nares also talks about ENF’s commitment to ensuring young cancer patients are able to attend their doctor’s appointments by giving free rides throughout San Diego and Orange County.

USS Midway Museum, San Diego’s Top Tourist Attraction, Re-Opens

Sara Hanscom, Director of Education for the USS Midway Museum, is joined by Dave Koontz, the Museum’s Director of Marketing, to talk about the recent COVID-19 safe re-opening of San Diego’s number one tourist attraction. Koontz chats about the Museum’s core mission, whole Hanscom talks about Museum’s venerable education programs, including the new distance learning experiences for students and teachers. Hanscom also chats about Midway’s long partnership with the Classroom of the Future Foundation.

Plant-Based Rubber Industry Lowers Carbon Footprint

Jeff Martin, CEO of Yulex, talks about his company’s mission to produce environmentally friendly products with the use of renewable, natural rubber. Martin highlights the importance of moving away from oil-based materials. Martin also discusses the practical applications Yulex rubber has in the surf and footwear industries. 

The Importance and Growth of the Diversity and Inclusion Profession in the Workplace

Liz Bui, a Diversity and Inclusion Officer, speaks about the important role and the growth of her profession plays in facilitating an empathetic workplace. Bui underscores the necessity of gathering data in order to ensure a diverse and inclusionary work environment.

“Seed to Sale” Cannabis Industry Compliance is Job 1 for Regrow, Inc.

Rob Woodbyrne, CEO of Regrow, Inc, chats about the trials and tribulations cannabis growers must overcome in the emerging industry. Regrow, a newly developed Supply Chain Management software company, aims to ease the headache of navigating compliance regulations in California.

Cheryl Morrow Exemplifies Her Iconic Father’s Trendsetting Thought-Provoking Vibe

Cheryl Morrow, Publisher of the San Diego Monitor News and daughter of San Diego icon and entrepreneur, Willie Morrow, discusses her vision for the expansion of black media in San Diego. Morrow chats about the cultural significance of Willie’s Barbershop and recounts her proudest moments, which include providing opportunities for budding black journalists. 

Transparency is Job One for the Government Public Information Officer

Paul Brencick, an experienced Government Public Information Officer, speaks about the importance of accurate information and transparent communication from government officials. Brencick recounts his experiences working through various crises, including the initial months of the COVID-19 outbreak. Brencick discusses how to combat accusations of fake news and disinformation.

Biochemistry Company: “There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel for Rapid COVID Detection”

Dr. Suresh Menon, Founder and President of Menon BioSensors, articulates the applications of his Molecular Mirror technology to rapidly and accurately detect COVID-19. Dr. Menon gives a history of the Molecular Mirror’s use within the US Government, as well as the timeline for when this technology will be ready for nationwide use. Dr. Menon chats about his team being a finalist in the $6 million X-Prize Rapid COVID Testing Competition.