Episode 12 | From Kingston, Jamaica To The Kings of Capital: The Journey of David Esmie

SEALpreneurship teaches about mindset, discipline, and appreciation of the journey. In this episode we visit with investment banker David Esmie on his amazing journey from Kingston, Jamaica to working with some of the kings of capital, including our current Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin! Listen to a very cool story and a model of SEALpreneurship in action!

Episode 11 | Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education: Amber Ravenscroft, The EdVenture Group

Self-leadership and self-preneurship are core to the SEALpreneurship program, so in this episode we discuss innovation in education and the importance of teaching leadership and entrepreneurship to young adults with Amber Ravenscroft, the Director of Innovation for a national leader, the EdVenture Group. Listen and learn to some of the amazing work being developed and delivered by Amber and Team EdVenture.

Episode 10 | SEALs Goal Setting

The SEALpreneurship team discusses the SEALS goal setting, implementation and measurement approach which was taught to local high school students. Listen and learn how they made it personal for the student to drive engagement and enthusiasm!

Episode 9 | Practice What You Preach | After Action Review Of Class 001

The SEALpreneurship team discusses the very first delivery of their SEALpreneurship program to a group of San Diego high school students. Listen to what went well and their thoughts on how to keep improving! Enjoy a live After Action Review, the essential component to continuous improvement in the quest for excellence and attainment of goals.

Episode 8 | SEALing The Deal

In this episode, Navy SEAL leaders Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss how the 23-evolution SEALpreneurship program is a powerful platform for students to believe, achieve and live a passionate, purpose-driven life. Ed and Gary discuss the importance of rejecting the past as a predictor of the future, the direction of time’s arrow and the power of de-victimizing as an emancipating personal principle.

Episode 7 | Creating A Personal Ethos & The Letter Home

In this powerful and emotional episode, we’ll learn about the “Letter Home” written by SEALs prior to deployment and the deep connection to purpose. You’ll also learn from 20 year SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham about the importance of creating a personal ethos and how it drives behaviors, values, aspirations and legacy.

Episode 6 | Piloting Your Plane To Take Extreme Ownership of Outcomes

In this episode, legendary SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss the mind as a flight simulator to control emotions, actions and outcomes. Listen to a very cool discussion of the subconscious mind and the need to cleanse the “RAS” to drive personal growth and drive out mental trash holding us back!

Episode 5 | Twist The Body To Mold The Mind

20 Year Career Navy SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham the importance of physicality as the foundation of the movement for improvement paradigm taught through SEALpreneurship. Listen to the recipe for the “motivational cocktail” residing in all of us and the connection between phys ed classes and academic performance!

Episode 4 | The Swim Buddy and The Code of Life

This episode will take you through the “two is one, one is none” core of the SEAL philosophy by learning the importance of having a swim buddy in all aspects of life. You’ll also hear legendary SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss how the swim buddy is the code of life, embedded right down to our chromosomal pairs and nucleotide pairing!

Episode 3 | Powering Through Life With An Offensive, Proactive, Growth MIndset

History Channel profiled Navy SEAL Ed Hiner, and Seal Team Six Member Gary Denham discuss how the application of an offensive and proactive mindset is the key to personal growth. Defense doesn’t win personal championships – a great offense does, but it takes great honesty and accountability to adopt the offensive mindset needed to grow.