E32 | Katie Yee, a Conduit for Connection

Come along with Rebecca Jones and Katie Yee as they discuss the intricacies of being a business owner, a leader, and a devoted mother. Discovering her passion as a child, Yee has consistently found joy in connecting those around her; whether she’s connecting two friends in her personal life or creating a dream team at work. The owner of Connect Strategic Consulting, Yee, and her firm specialize in helping their clients make potential consumer connections and identify new market sectors. Yee encourages young women to be fiercely confident in themselves, saying, “Be confident about the fact that you belong in that room and at that table”.

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Episode 31 | Libby Lefanowicz Serving Up Success, Once Scoop At A Time At Kula Ice Cream

Join Rebecca Jones and the President & Founder of Kula Ice Cream, Libby Lefanowicz, as they discuss mentorship, entrepreneurship, and the freedom (and hard work) which comes from owning your own business. In this episode, you’ll hear Libby talk about her path from computer science to cookie dough vegan and gluten-free ice cream and the passion which fueled the transition and the happiness it has delivered.

Her wisdom for other women: don’t care what others think, just be the best version of you!

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E30 | Jackie Mazur on Paving Her Own Way in Finance

Join Rebecca Jones and the President & Owner of Guide My Finances, Jackie Mazur, in a light-hearted conversation on developing personal and business strategies, defining success, and staying positive. The objective of Guide My Finances is to be as unbiased as possible when providing financial advice to clients and to develop strategies to help clients reach their goals. After starting her own business at the age of 22, Mazur returned to school for her master’s degree, where she realized her passion for advising and teaching. The two women agree on describing Mazur as positive and tenacious, with Mazur divulging that her secret to success is truly caring about the people she’s working with and the results they get. The episode wraps up with Mazur encouraging young women to always stay positive, get internships and network, and to try things on for size.

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E29 | Leticia Owens on Healing Our Bodies Holistically

In this enlightening episode, Rebecca Jones is joined by founder and CEO of Blue Life Wellness Studio, Leticia Owens. Owens divulges her path to discovering her passion for holistic and alternative ways of treating our bodies. A former Bay Area real estate agent, Owens speaks of the courage it takes to follow your dreams, block out negativity, and never accept failure as an option. The women discuss balancing work and personal lives, with Leticia saying, “Women as entrepreneurs feel like we have to be perfect. We feel like we have to work super hard, harder than everyone else. And we still have to be supermoms and super wives. It’s about finding that balance”. Describing herself as an empath, Owens measures her success based on how many people she is helping to heal their souls and bodies.

The episode ends with Leticia Owens encouraging young women to focus on being authentic and to take action within themselves.

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E28 | Heather Moyer on Relentless Pursuit of Dreams & Goals

In this inspiring and motivating conversation, Rebecca Jones is joined by CEO and President of HNM Systems, Heather Moyer. Moyer dives into the world of staffing, consulting, and tech services. Describing herself as resilient, Moyer lets us in on how her continued resilience throughout her life has seen her through to some of her highest points. When asked what she would say to a room full of women looking for mentorship, Moyer encourages to not make decisions from a place of fear, know your endgame, and always embrace your vulnerability.

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E27 | Gwendolyn Bates of Fashion Week San Diego Encourages Kindness and Authenticity

Join Rebecca Jones and Director of Fashion Week San Diego, Gwendolyn Bates, in an authentic conversation about the evolving world of fashion, maintaining entrepreneurship, and staying true to your roots. A self-proclaimed lifelong entrepreneur, Bates lets us in on how she maintains client satisfaction while pushing the envelope in her field. Rebecca and Gwendolyn take us with them in their conversation about the intentionality and self-expression of fashion. Describing herself as patient and kind, Bates encourages those around her to never lose their heart. “Being kind is not a weakness, it’s a strength”.

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E26 | Kathleen Seymour on the Fight to Cure Cancer

In this touching episode, Rebecca Jones is joined by the Director at Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Southern California and Hawaii, Kathleen Seymour. A leading organization dedicated to investing in blood cancer research, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society works to advance and develop new treatments that can also benefit other cancers and chronic diseases. Seymour goes in-depth to explain how her personal experiences have moved her to her core and given her the momentum she’s needed to excel in her professional career.

Seymour goes into balancing her personal and work lives, saying, “You can have it all. You get to define what all is. And all can change – it is really up to you to decide what is important, and you can have it”.

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E25 | Shawnda Dorantes Instilling Confidence and Enhancing Women’s Beauty

In this passion-filled episode, Rebecca Jones is joined by Founder and Co-Owner of Beauty Lounge Medical Spa, Shawnda Dorantes. Dorantes explains how she began her journey in the medical spa aesthetic industry and all the services her company provides. She goes on to explain that her company’s mission is to make women feel beautiful and confident by enhancing their own features. Dorantes states that “when you look good, you feel good”. She explains her story of entrepreneurship and how she really had no experience in starting a business, she simply put everything she had into her company and made many sacrifices to reach success. Dorantes also explains the difficulty of balancing work and family life and how she and her family work together as a unit in order to keep everything balanced.

The episode ends with Shawnda Dorantes encouraging young women to just do it. By not wishing and contemplating your dreams, Dorantes says you will get what you want if you put in the time and work to reach your goals.

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E24 | Linda Lattimore Emphasizes Gratefulness in her Career Journey

In this genuine conversation, Rebecca Jones is joined by Linda Lattimore, speaker, author, attorney, and social entrepreneur. Lattimore explains how her book “Solutionaries: You Are the Answer”, stemmed into her programs “Solutionaries Academy” and “Cross Sector Institute”. Lattimore is committed to helping individuals understand the importance of their unique gifts and talents and how to utilize them to help a world in need. She goes on to explain the importance and value of travel by experiencing different cultures, and how her own personal travels have shaped her into who she is today. She encourages listeners to distinguish the difference between their personal joy vs. happiness and to be grateful for it all. Lattimore explains how she keeps a gratitude journal in order to stay grounded and more intone with herself and her feelings.

The episode ends with Linda Lattimore encouraging young women who inspire to be leaders that each step in their journey is the journey, and there is not necessarily a set end goal. She encourages others to say yes to all opportunities that are presented to you and to not be held back by fear of the unknown or doubts.

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E22 | Jennifer Barnes Overcoming Obstacles with Optimism

In this inspiring episode, Rebecca Jones is joined by Jennifer Barnes the CEO and Founder of Optima Office. Barnes explains her journey as an entrepreneur along with the ups and downs of her new ventures. In 2018, Barnes was forced out of her accounting service company she founded back in 2012. She fought back but due to her equity percentage, she was unable to gain back control. This situation did not hold Barnes back in the slightest, and instead inspired her to push forward and come out on top. Three days later Barnes started Optima Office which has become much larger and more successful than her first company but most importantly has brought her happiness and peace. Barnes describes herself as optimistic and wanted to bring that element into her new company thus coining Optima Office. She explains that in order to be a successful leader it is important to hire good people you can trust, wisdom to delegate tasks, and to never release your stress and anger onto your team.

The episode ends with Jennifer Barnes encouraging young women to remain as strong and optimistic as possible.

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