Episode 8 | The Rewiring

Guests: Elisabeth Caetano, Navigate Changes – MFT / Author;
Kristie Bruce-Lane, President and Founder of The Thumbprint Project Foundation

Elisabeth has served her community for over 22 years as a marriage and family psychotherapist and is an author of Down the Rabbit Hole and Back which is a book of tools to empower women and help them navigate their life. She talks about her experiences in working with victims of domestic violence whom she considers the “silent victims” because these are the cases that go unreported. She explains the impact of domestic violence, why women make the decisions to stay or not, the impact of trauma and how it influences the wiring of the brain and the difficult decisions in navigating the situation they find themselves in.

Kristie, the executive producer of “Thumbprint” talks about the importance of the DocuSeries, being proactive and addressing Childhood Domestic Violence early on at the point of impact. She explains how important the modeling we do a parents at home directly influences our children and that they are not innocent bystanders that go unaffected. She continues to be a strong advocate for children with no voice and believes that the issue of Childhood Domestic Violence starts and stops at home. Awareness is key. The Thumbprint Project Foundation is committed to reducing Domestic Violence especially when children are involved. We see you, you matter.

Episode 7 | The Transition

Guests: Megan Dowell, Director of Homeless Services – Salvation Army;
Amy Vance, Director of Door of Hope

Megan has been involved with the Salvation Army for over 5 years and has worked with homeless services for over 12 years. She is passionate about working with underserved populations. She talks about the programs and history of Door of Hope and the Salvation Army what makes them unique and how they meet the needs of our community. Megan elaborates on the skills and services that trauma survivors need to survive and have a successful path forward.

Amy, a once sheltered survivor of domestic violence with children herself, has a history of working with the homeless in San Diego and offers her experiences, the challenges of navigating systems and perspective on her path to recovery and success. She focuses on the core of the Door of Hope programming and how that plays an important role in the foundation and recovery for victims and families of domestic violence.

Episode 6 | The Outlets

Guests: Jonathan Kerstetter, Chief Operating Officer – Boys and Girls Club – San Marcos;
Ari Krakowsky, Director of Member Impact – Boys and Girls Club – San Marcos

Johnathan has been a part of the Boys and Girls Club movement for over 10 years and talks about the different kinds of resources that they offer including a “safe place” for youth after school. He shares how the Boys and Girls Club is an important resource for children addressing not only a safe haven, food insecurity, and social and emotional wellness as well as other resources that affect the lives of children.

Ari has a passion for underserved youth and discusses the models they implement that help support children that are at risk. She discusses how the partner with schools in support of social and emotional learning in the after school setting. Ari’s role is an important and critical role that helps focus individual attention on the children which aides in the ability to triage and support each child building a connection and fostering trust.

Episode 5 | The Life Lines

Guests: Kristin Gaspar, San Diego County Board of Supervisors – District 3
Charisma De Los Reyes, MSW – San Diego Office of Education – Student Support Services

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar that has a long standing history of public service. She is a leader who represents our families and small businesses in San Diego and has a passion for our most vulnerable – our children. Kristen has the unique ability to support organizations from a supervisory role and understands that this societal issue cannot be fixed at the government level but from a community level utilizing foundations as playing a key role.

Charisma De Los Reyes is a project specialist at the San Diego Office of Education that focuses on research and best practices that is implemented in 42 school districts in San Diego County. Her adaptive nature and ability to understand what the needs are of the children and families has made a positive impact in our communities. She hones in on the impact of childhood domestic violence and how it impacts the students and their performance at school.

Episode 4 | The Outcomes

Guests: Dr. Lisa Conradi, PsyD , Rady’s Children’s Hospital – Chadwick Center;
Dr. Rupali Chadha, Board Certified Psychiatric Physician

Dr. Lisa Conradi, clinical psychologist for over 15 years working with children of domestic violence is passionate about dealing with these victims of abuse. She shares with us how the incidences of more higher acuity, critical medical incidences are being reported through the hospital setting. Chadwick Center of Rady’s Children’s Hospital is a child advocacy center. Dr. Conradi walks us through the intake process of a child of domestic violence, the resources available to stabilize the child, and the customized intervention methods designed to help the child and the family to help mitigate the impact of what they experienced.

Dr. Rupali Chadha, a psychiatric physician and a forensic expert that has worked with abused women and women with mental disorders for over 11 years. She offers her unique perspective on how her patients in the California prison system come from domestic violence backgrounds. She understands that children who grow up and witness domestic violence in their homes impacts their lives and leads them down a path of violence themselves with the ultimate end of incarceration.

Episode 3 | The Call

Guests: Ed Musgrove, Retired San Diego Sheriff’s Captain; Ricky Castro, Detective Sergeant, San Diego Police Department – Domestic Violence Unit

Ed Musgrove, a army veteran and having served 25 years in law enforcement is no stranger to handling the issues of our society. He is the recipient of the Medal of Valor from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, a Medal of Valor from the National Sheriff’s Association and the Medal of Heroism from the American Legion. Ed systematically walks us through a dispatch call of a domestic disturbance from the vantage point of responding as a law enforcement agency and the environmental factors that come into play. In this case, this call is domestic violence call where a young child is the caller and the situation is an unknown. Today, Ed continues to serve his community in various areas.

Ricky Castro, 32 years with the San Diego Police Department and has worked with a diverse set of our city’s population. His work with the Domestic Violence unit has given him the ability to relay the unique perspective of law enforcement, the horror of a young child experiencing childhood domestic violence, and the humanity of an issue that perpetuates our society. He understands the long term affects of a child that experiences childhood domestic violence and the importance of intervening in efforts that ultimately save that child’s life.

Episode 2 | We see you, you matter.

Guests: Summer Stephan, District Attorney San Diego County; Rebecca Jones, Mayor of San Marcos

Summer Stephan is a cornerstone in the San Diego community. She has devoted her life to protecting children and families, providing justice to the most vulnerable, and is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Summer leverages her extensive courtroom, management and leadership experience to set clear pubic safety priorities in collaboration with law enforcement and the community, keeping San Diego County one of the safest urban regions in the United States. As a mother herself she remains steadfast having a laser focus on protecting our most vulnerable – our children.

Rebecca Jones is dedicated to maintaining high quality of life and an advocate for public safety in her community as Mayor of San Marcos. She has been vital in the stimulation and positive growth of San Marcos. She discusses how the resources she offers within in her community affects the lives of the citizens. The Boys and Girls Club and the Family Justice Center are vital resources in which she is passionate about and discusses how they play an important role in the lives of families and at risk youth.

Episode 1 | The Impact of a Thumbprint

Guests: Kristie Bruce-Lane, President and Founder of The Thumbprint Project Foundation; Christine Stacey, Board Member and single mom

Kristie Bruce-Lane shares with you her insight and drive behind creating The Thumbprint Project Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on Childhood Domestic Violence. Reflecting on her life experiences as a mother, utilizing her background in science, and coupling that with statistics she is able to connect the dots with our societal issues that can be proactively addressed and resolved. Kristie has spent over 20 years in the corporate healthcare and agricultural industries and is a leader in her community. She serves on many community boards, is focused on the issues of San Diego and our future generation who sit silently suffering with no voice.

Christine Stacey is a young, single mom of a six year old boy. Being a single mom is challenging. The thoughts and considerations regarding leaving a damaging situation can be overwhelming. Christine is an example that you can and will find peace, safety, and raise successful children as a single mother. Step forward and ask for help – there are resources waiting for you.