Ep 6: Inside Innocence – The Case of Marilyn Mulero, Part 1

Marilyn Mulero, at age 21 agreed to a plea deal for the death penalty. Physically abused, sexually molested as a child, a mom of two by age 18 found herself in the middle of a double homicide on one fateful night. A shocking case with 2 later disgraced detectives, an incompetent attorney who negotiated the death penalty for his client, and a seemingly biased judge. In Part 1, we examine the facts of the days leading up to the double murder and the night of. Nearly 28 years later, she still sits in prison, hoping for clemency. Guest, Justin Brooks, co-founder of the California Innocence Project at California Western School of Law, has been fighting for Marilyn’s exoneration for nearly 20 years, and he joins us to talk about Marilyn‘s case.

Courtroom Confidential’s new Inside Innocence series, brings you compelling cases from the working files of the California Innocence Project.

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