Ep 9: The Crime that Never Was – Joann Parks, Part II

Joann Parks was a young mother of 3 small children, who one fateful night in 1989 lost them all to a vicious fire that engulfed the home. Initially considered an accident, but later ruled as arson, Parks was convicted of 3 counts of murder and sits in prison for life without parole. However, some 25+ years later Parks remains in prison, despite modern arson science strongly supporting her innocence. The California Innocence Project is currently fighting for her exoneration. In a case that has been widely publicized, and written about by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Edward Humes in his book, Burned, this is an episode that you do not want to miss. In Part II, we take you thru Parks legal journey from 1989 to present and discuss the data surrounding the number of convictions that have been overturned in the past few years thanks to the evolution of arson science.

Courtroom Confidential’s new Inside Innocence series, brings you compelling cases from the working files of the California Innocence Project. www.CaliforniaInnocenceProject.org

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