Episode 3 | Three States, Rivers, Lakes and the Pacific Ocean: Capt. Tim Barelli, Coast Guard Commander, San Diego Sector

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, and Charles Parisi, CEO of Cloudcast Media (filling in for vacationing Drew Schlosberg), are joined in studio by Capt. Tim Barelli, Commander, San Diego Sector, United States Coast Guard, to discuss the unique and multi-faceted role of the Coast Guard as a hybrid law enforcement and military agency. With responsibility for the safety, security and environmental protection of a territory ranging from Arizona, Southern Utah, and Southern Nevada to the maritime boundary with Mexico and extending another 200 miles offshore, Capt. Barelli shares how his lean and highly focused San Diego Sector team covers such a vast geographical area.

For more information on SDMAC, please visit www.sdmac.org.

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