Red White & True | Episode 10 | “They Know The Truth” | Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

When we say Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is fighting 1000 fires at once, you can believe it. In this great interview with Attorney General Paxton, you’ll hear the chilling words that mail-in voting is the “strategic plan of the Democrats” and “they know the truth” about the opportunity for fraud with mail-in voting. You’ll also hear in no uncertain terms that he will be prosecuting any and all Texans who violate the law on requesting a mail-in ballot. Disabled – no issues. Faking a disability because of covid fears? You will be prosecuted! Listen to Attorney General Paxton discuss his trip to the US Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court and having to advise 1000 mayors and town officials during a year he calls “an alternate universe”!

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