Red White & True | Episode 2 | The Mail-In Election of 2020: “Voter Confidence Could Be Gone For A Decade” | Election Commissioners Speak

Boy, oh, boy. Citizens are lucky to have the US Election Assistance Commission ( to try to keep our elections free and fair. And, we were lucky enough to have Commissioners Christy McCormack and Donald Palmer join us on this episode to discuss the November election. While we’ve confirmed it will be a free election, we’re not sure about the fair part! These two Commissioners are sounding a VERY loud warning bell about the potential disaster ahead and we hope the States are listening to the sound advice from these Commissioners. Dirty voter rolls? Yes. Logistical challenges? Yes. Paper shortages? Possible. Post office problems? Maybe. No decision on election night? Very possible. When the EAC says a 5-10 year process gets condensed to 5-6 months, then chaos mitigation becomes the mindset.

When asked about the prognosis for this year’s election ending up at the Supreme Court, “I wouldn’t be surprised” was the answer. And we should pay special attention to the Commissioner McCormack’s words as to what is at stake if we don’t get it right: “voter confidence could be gone for another decade.”

If you care about democracy, clean elections, and the need to heed the advice of a non-partisan and independent election Commissioners, you want to listen to this episode.

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