Mission: San Diego Military

Hosted ByDrew Schlosberg

Our support for the military community could never be enough. Mission: San Diego Military, hosted by Drew Schlosberg, President of DS Studio and former Public Relations Director for The San Diego Union Tribune, is produced in partnership with the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), A Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Supporting, Promoting, And Representing The Common Business Of The Military, Its Quality Of Life, And Defense Industry Community In San Diego.

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Episode 25 | HireMilitary Bridges Gap Between Veterans and Private Sector

Chris Thorne, Director of Account Management for HireMilitary, discusses the organization’s mission to assist veterans and transitioning service members as they enter the next phase of life after military service. Thorne highlights HireMilitary’s proactive approach to securing jobs with a high likelihood of employment. Thorne also touches on the...

Episode 24 | SDMAC Foundation Assists Veterans in Pursuit of Education

Mark Balmert, President and CEO of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), is joined by Terry McKearney, President of the SDMAC Foundation, to highlight the foundation’s mission and commitment to help veterans, transitioning service members and their families pay for higher education through scholarships.

Episode 23 | SDMAC Executive Director Mark Balmert Recaps 2020; Looks Forward to 2021

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC), discusses 2020 highlights in the face of the devastating pandemic. Balmert talks about continued COVID-19 related challenges in 2021; the SDMAC Foundation; and operational changes that SDMAC will be undertaking next year.

Episode 22 | PsychArmor Institute Bridges the Gap Between Military and Civilian Communities

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, is joined by Tina Atherall, CEO of PsychArmor Institute, to talk about the Institute’s mission to utilize the power of education and learning to improve the lives of military service members and their families. Atherall discusses how PsychArmor’s...

Episode 21 | Padres Pitcher Receives Prestigious Bob Feller Act of Valor Award for Military Advocacy

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, is joined by Craig Stammen, a pitcher for the San Diego Padres and recipient of the prestigious Bob Feller Act of Valor Award. Stammen chats about what led him to become an avid supporter of the military, his...

Episode 20 | Venerable University Provides Wide-Ranging, Game-Changing Support to Veterans

Tasha Ross, Director of Corporate Relations at the UCSD Rady School of Management (ROSM), talks about the school’s unparalleled commitment to supporting veterans as they transition into the business world. Ross discusses the School’s partnership with the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) in the development of the annual...

Episode 19 | Retired USMC Colonel Highlights Key Issues Facing Military in San Diego County

Earl “The Pearl” Wederbrook, a retired Marine Corps Colonel and past SDMAC President, discusses pertinent issues facing local military members and their families in San Diego County. Wederbrook talks about encroachment and how it affects military operations; housing challenges; and the massive impact of military spending in the San...

Episode 18 | Energy Company Provides Pathway for Transitioning Service Members

Adam Heyde, the San Diego Operations Manager for Jingoli Power, talks about his company’s dedication to hiring San Diego veterans. Heyde chats about his military career, Jingoli Power’s affiliation with the San Diego Military Advisory Council, and the Department of Defense’s Skill Bridge program.

Episode 17 | Retired Marine Corps Colonel Discusses Veterans Week Events

Mark Balmert, Executive Director of the San Diego Military Advisory Council, is joined by retired Marine Corps Colonel, Jack Harkins, Executive director of the San Diego Veterans Museum. Harkins discusses the Veterans Museum’s mission and the building’s historical significance. Harkins chats about the upcoming Veterans Week Virtual Celebration Ceremony...