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Lyrics, music and meaning with singers and songwriters

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Episode 36|Haley Blaze – Her Creativity Extends Beyond Music

Gary talks with Haley about her musical influences, what it is that she likes about performing at weddings and where her creativity takes her aside from music. And, Haley performs three original songs too!

Episode 35|Ellis Bryant – Making His Mark On The San Diego Country Music Scene

Gary talks to Ellis about his decision to move to San Diego, the state of country music, the feeling he gets when writing songs and more. And, he performs three original songs!

Episode 34|Michael Jay Dwyer – A Professional Singer/Songwriter For More Than 35 Years

Gary talks with Michael about his long career as a singer/songwriter, his musical influences and much more. Michael performs three original songs during the conversation as well!

Episode 33|Savannah Philyaw – Co-Wrote A Song With A Very Famous Songwriter

Listen as Gary talks to Savannah about her early beginnings in music, her work with a very famous songwriter and writing about what’s in her heart! Savannah also performs three original songs.

Episode 32|Dulaney & Company – A Married Singer/Songwriter Duo

Listen as Gary talks to Jerod and Malissa, of Dulaney & Company, about their music, their name, songwriting process and more. Jerod & Malissa also perform three original songs during the conversation.

Episode 31|Suzanne Shea – Once Performed With A Very Famous Folk Singer

Gary talks with Suzanne about her experience singing with a very famous folk singer, her love for comedy and much more. Suzanne performs three original songs too, that you won’t want to miss!

Episode 30| Thea The Band – Songs That Fit Into A Genre With No Boundaries

Gary talks with Thea about the name Thea The Band, when and how she picked up the guitar, her musical influences and more. Thea also performs three original songs!

Episode 29|Justin Rodriguez – Playing In Bands & Solo From Connecticut To San Diego

Gary talks with Justin about the different bands he’s played in, his songwriting process and much more. Justin also performs three original songs during the conversation.

Episode 28|King Taylor Project – Music Has Always Been A Part Of Their Lives

Gary talks with King Taylor Project, Sandi King and Josh Taylor, about when they started performing together, their songwriting and their sound. They perform three original songs too.