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Lyrics, music and meaning with singers and songwriters

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YouTube Sensation Reneé Dominique Has Been Singing Since She Was a Child

Gary talks to Reneé about her beginnings as a singer, her collaboration with Jason Mraz and her upcoming performance at the Songs For Shelter Relaunch event to raise awareness about the teen homeless problem in San Diego County.

Roni Lee – She Began Her Career as a Rock Guitarist in Hollywood

Gary talks with Roni about her beginnings in Hollywood, her songwriting process and much more. She performs three songs as well. Gary is also joined by bassist Jules Whelpton and concert promoter Tonya Lemmons.

Gaby Aparicio – Blending Various Styles of Music to Create Her Own Sound

Gary talks with Gaby about her love for music and when it all began and her involvement with a group of other local artists. Gaby performs three original songs too.

Digital Lizards of Doom – Bringing a Whole New Level of Storytelling to Pop-Culture Entertainment

Gallie Fisher and Gabe Valentin, of Digital Lizards of Doom, talk with Gary about their brand of music, the graphic novel series referenced in their music and their appearance at the upcoming Springboard West Music Festival and what it means to them. They perform three original songs too!

Ep 9: Cheyenne Benton – Her Love for Music Began at an Early Age

Gary talks with Cheyenne about her songwriting process and her participation in the upcoming Springboard West Music Festival. Cheyenne performs three original songs as well. Joining the conversation is Heather Hudson, Springboard Music Festival Executive Director.

Ep 8: Alex Woodard – Singer-Songwriter and Author

Gary talks with Alex about his book & album package, For The Sender, and his upcoming For The Sender Holiday Show. Alex also performs three original songs.

Ep 7: Ryan Hiller – A Highly Skilled and Accomplished Entertainer

Listen to Ryan talk about his music, how it all began and enjoy three original songs performed live in our studio.

Ep 6: Sarah Tilghman – Singer-Songwriter of Dream Fulfillment Music

Sarah Tilghman is a singer-songwriter who writes not only feel good music, but dream fulfillment music. On this episode of Music Spotlight San Diego, Gary talks with Sarah about her move to LA from the East Coast & her love for jazz. She performs some new material as well.

Ep 5: Astra Kelly – A Singer-Songwriter and True Artist in Every Sense of the Word

On this episode of Music Spotlight San Diego, Astra Kelly talks about her Chicago roots, the inspiration behind her songs and much more. Listen as she performs 2 original songs from her latest album and one from her upcoming album.