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Lyrics, music and meaning with singers and songwriters

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Episode 27|Enter The Blue Sky – Nominated For A San Diego Music Award

Gary talks with Enter The Blue Sky about how they came up with their name and what it means, what it means to be nominated for a San Diego Music Award and more. Enter The Blue Sky also performs three original songs.

Episode 26|Joe Rathburn, Writes Songs With A Message

In this episode, Gary talks with Joe about his early years in music, his musical influences and his songwriting. Joe also performs three original songs!

Episode 24|Erin Bower, She Calls Her Music Sad Folk Pop

Erin explains what she means by Sad Folk Pop. Gary also talks with her about her early poetry writing years and her writing about the human condition. Erin also performs three original songs.

Episode 22 | Josh Weinstein, From NY to California, With Some MTV and NPR Along The Way!

Gary talks with Josh about his move from New York to California, his association with MTV and recognition from NPR (National Public Radio). Josh performs three original songs as well.

Episode 25|Dave Gleason, One Bad-Ass Guitarist

Gary talks with Dave about his style of music, his influences, and working with Marty Stuart’s band. Dave performs three original songs too.

Episode 23 |Christopher Dale, A Singer/Songwriter With Acoustic Soul

Christopher talks with Gary about his musical influences, his songwriting, and what it feels like to be nominated for a San Diego Music Award. He plays three original songs too.

Episode 21 | Heather Marie | From Opening For Frampton and Train To Finding Her Voice In San Diego

Heather Marie has been in several bands over the years, and once opened for Train, but her voice once she came to San Diego in 2003. Gary talks to Heather about her beginnings in the music business, writing songs, current projects, and more. She performs three original songs as...

Episode 20 | Mark Montijo | Long Break, Stronger Comeback

Mark talks with Gary about his return to music, being recognized for his songwriting, and much more. Mark is accompanied by dobro player, Lenny Bole. The two of them perform three of Mark’s original songs.

Episode 19 | Jeff Berkley | Multi-talented, San Diego music scene fixture

Gary and Jeff talk about his multi-talents, his songwriting process, his live stream concerts and more. And, he performs three original songs too.