Old Beginnings

Hosted ByCharles Parisi

Launching a new company in a new industry at 57!? Will all that is old be new again? Old Beginnings is the podcast that shares the inner workings, fun and often crazy times involved with starting Cloudcast Media by the CEO, Charles Parisi. A lifelong entrepreneur with time on his hands as his daughter is off to college, why not start a podcasting company? Listen along to enjoy the ride - up or down - there will be some laughs and insights on life in the fourth quarter!

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Old Beginnings | Episode 2 | The FIRST Client and Its A Great One!

In this episode of Old Beginnings, Charles Parisi starts to get a feel for getting back in the driver’s seat to run his new company, Cloudcast Media. Since the first episode, Cloudcast has landed it’s first client, the San Diego Union Tribune! You’ll also hear about the importance of...

Old Beginnings | Pilot Episode | All That’s Old Is New Again (Hopefully)

In this pilot episode of Old Beginnings, Charles Parisi talks about launching a new company at age 57 – a period he refers to as the final quarter of his life. Divorce, being a single dad, an empty house when the college happens, and flying again. It’s all in...