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The eight episode series that fuses the legendary growth mindset of the Navy SEALs with classic entrepreneurial skills acquisition.

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Episode 5 | Twist The Body To Mold The Mind

20 Year Career Navy SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham the importance of physicality as the foundation of the movement for improvement paradigm taught through SEALpreneurship. Listen to the recipe for the “motivational cocktail” residing in all of us and the connection between phys ed classes and academic performance!

Episode 4 | The Swim Buddy and The Code of Life

This episode will take you through the “two is one, one is none” core of the SEAL philosophy by learning the importance of having a swim buddy in all aspects of life. You’ll also hear legendary SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss how the swim buddy is the...

Episode 3 | Powering Through Life With An Offensive, Proactive, Growth MIndset

History Channel profiled Navy SEAL Ed Hiner, and Seal Team Six Member Gary Denham discuss how the application of an offensive and proactive mindset is the key to personal growth. Defense doesn’t win personal championships – a great offense does, but it takes great honesty and accountability to adopt...

Episode 2 | The Blue Collar Scholar and the PhD in Me Degree

In this episode, you’ll hear legendary, 20 year Navy SEALs Ed Hiner and Gary Denham discuss why you cannot “outsource” your life to experts. Learn the importance of becoming an expert on becoming an expert and how to apply it one’s life.

Episode 1 | Welcome to SEALpreneurship | Ed Hiner and Gary Denham, Navy SEALs

In this episode, you’ll learn about why Ed Hiner, the co-founder and President of Asymmetrical Evolution, the developer of SEALpreneurship, and Gary Denham, Senior Instructor and Curriculum Developer for SEALpreneurship, are tackling the world of public education and prison reform with their 23 evolution program.