We Fight So You Don’t Have To

Hosted ByLiz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

BFFs and co-authors Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke share lessons from their thirty-year friendship. Basically, they fight so you don’t have to.

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Episode 25: Liz & Lisa take Italy: Part 2

How did Mike Fenton almost die? Who is Vincenzo? And why do we like the European version of ourselves wayyy better than the American? Listen to find out! Have a question? Comment? Idea? Email us at liz@lizandlisa.com.

Episode 24: Before we meet again: Italy Part 1

Liz and Lisa didn’t spend the entire trip to Italy together for a reason (Think: Previous slightly disastrous vacay to Grand Cayman: Episode 19). Find out what European adventures we had before we saw each other on the Amalfi Coast.

Episode 23 | Life can be ruff

Liz and Lisa have seven rescue dogs and one cat between them. (Lisa has two dogs and Liz has the rest. You do the math!) And now, Liz has taken in a German Shepard and needs an intervention ASAP. Can Lisa talk some sense into her? Have a question?...

Episode 22 | Mike Fenton vs. the Pool Chairs

Liz’s husband, Mike Fenton, whom we always call by his first and last name got his five minutes of Instagram fame during a recent trip to Cabo when he secured pool chairs like it was an Olympic sport. Liz chronicled his 6 am chair-claiming-talents in her stories and women...

Ep 21: The way we were (and maybe shouldn’t have been!)

Liz’s itching for a bold new do’, which sends her and Lisa down a rabbit hole where they analyze thirty years of bad hair choices. Think: perming your already curly hair! Make sure to check out the photographic evidence at www.lizandlisa.com/podcast.

Ep 20: Phone charger blues

We’ve finally set up a proper home studio to record our podcast and Liz has hijacked the episode to ask the question every parent wonders: WHY CAN’T MY TEEN CHARGE HIS PHONE PROPERLY? Have a question? Comment? Idea? Email us at liz@lizandlisa.com.

Episode 19 | The Couples Vacay

We travel together—a lot. When we aren’t jumping cities on book tours, we drag our husbands and family along on our book research adventures. And we’ve had some epic fights along the way. Listen in to find out why one battle caused Mike Fenton to jump into the raging...

Episode 18 | Dating: The Adult Friendship Addition

Why is it so damn hard for adult women to make new friends? When geography separated us for a decade, we both dated our asses off struggling to find her. Listen to discover if we each found “the (other) one.” We love to hear from you! Email us at...

Episode 17 | Liz V. Lisa: Who binged it better?

Baking banana bread feels so last year in the best of ways. Liz and Lisa look back on quarantine and a find few similarities–including Home Editing every closet and drawer in their houses. But Binge watching and reading? They mostly disagree. Listen and find out why. We love to...