We Fight So You Don’t Have To

Hosted ByLiz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

BFFs and co-authors Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke share lessons from their thirty-year friendship. Basically, they fight so you don’t have to.

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Episode 3: The Tricycle

Long before Lisa got married, she spent a majority of her time as the third wheel to Liz and her husband. They dubbed themselves: The Tricycle. They rode to many events together, even Liz and Lisa’s ten-year high school reunion! Most recently, the three of them dusted off the...

Episode 2: The Scarlet Letter

Liz and Lisa had a fight before high school graduation that could have ended their friendship. In a nutshell: Liz did something Lisa didn’t agree with. So Lisa took it upon herself to inform the person who was affected by Liz’s choice. The result? A complete and total sh*t...

Episode 1: 1987

1987 isn’t only the year Fatal Attraction was number one at the box office. (Remember Glen Close and the boiling bunny?) It’s also when we met. Our paths first crossed as fourteen-year-old freshman strutting across their high school campus in mom jeans and shoulder-padded shirts. Back then, as we...