Willie’s Barbershop

Hosted ByCheryl Morrow
Sit in, all are welcome, a place where’s dreams are inspired and exploring is encouraged.
The Entrepreneur in all of us becomes dynamic as we go deep into the ocean of entrepreneurs
challenges and successes, we’re invited into the depths of their preservation.
Willie’s Barbershop Where the Knowledge Cuts Deep

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E4 | Dr. William “Tayari” Howard | Radio Icon, Philanthropist and Media Educator

It’s not just a mic, it’s an instrument of change and one that was passed down two generations. One haircut changed his life and his career forever. Over a decade of bazaar tales of audacity and risk, Mr. Howard gives us a birdseye view into the often wacky but...

E3 | Charles Parisi | Founder and Visionnaire of Cloudcast

The concept of cutting hair may be ubiquitous, but the man behind the chair with the clippers in his hand is interesting as hell. Founder Charles Parisi exposes his vision of finding gems inspired by Willie Morrow’s incredible life. Thank you for listening to Willie’s Barbershop. Where The Knowledge...

E2 | Yvette Porter-Moore | Historian, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Dreamer

In this episode of Willie’s Barbershop, you’ll listen to Cheryl Morrow cut deep with the multi-faceted teacher, researcher, historian, entrepreneur, dreamer and Willie Morrow mentee, Yvette Porter-Moore. From the time she met Mr. Morrow when she was 11 years old, she understood the importance and power of perception. From...

E1 | Kenyatta Griggs | Barber, Author, Film Producer, CEO, Hip Hop Motivation

In this first episode of Willie’s Barbershop, you’ll listen to Cheryl Morrow cut deep with brilliant entrepreneur and Willie Morrow mentee, Kenyatta Griggs. From the peaceful pain of almost dying after being shot six times to the salvation and evolution which followed, listen to Kenyatta – barber to the...