Dr. Shirley Weber | California Secretary of State

Welcome to the very first episode of The Gap Minders. Trust us, there is no better human, leader and book lover for the very first episode than the one and only Dr. Shirley Weber, the California Secretary of State!

In this episode, our co-hosts, Nany Sasaki, the CEO of the United Way of San Diego County, and Jose Cruz, the CEO of the San Diego Council on Literacy, have a funny, enjoyable, insightful and impactful conversation with Dr. Weber. From her family’s travels from the Jim Crow south to the heights of academic and professional accomplishment, Dr. Weber discusses the powerful role that reading has played in her life. Dr. Weber also shares that her success and love of reading is a result of the very high expectations from her family, community and Mrs. Johnson, her “old school, no excuses” teacher. Dr. Weber also hits on a gap that she finds tragic – the expectations gap.

We also listen to Dr. Weber beautifully discuss the very first book that truly had a deep impact on her personal and professional focus – Roots by Alex Haley, which she read while attending UCLA.

You’ll also enjoy Dr. Weber’s Rapid Fire round! And what is her favorite band? Last TV show binge watched? You’ll have to listen!

If you have any questions, want to contact Nancy or Jose, please send an email to podcast@uwsd.org. Thank you for listening.

To learn more about the two social impact organizations making The Gap Minders possible, please visit www.TheGapMinders.org.

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