Jeff Light | Publisher & Editor, San Diego Union Tribune

In this episode, Nancy and Jose are joined by Jeff Light, the Publisher & Editor of the Pulitzer-prize winning The San Diego Union Tribune. Jeff, who entered the world of journalism for his love of writing, shares his thoughts on while there have been sea changes in the world of journalism since he started in 1982, the essence of journalism and the principles of the Union-Tribune have remained stable: truthful, unbiased and inclusive. We also learn key insights from Jeff on the importance of community and storytelling and the perils to both if we overserve the digital consumers of journalism. Very powerful thought.

An equally powerful thought is Jeff’s embrace of books and journalism as symbiotic partners in literacy and the reason why he is passionate about the Union-Tribune’s annual Book Festival. As Jeff says, the “power of reading and literature as a powerful force” is important to both San Diego and the Union-Tribune.

When Jeff is asked about a gap we might want to address in America, he responds with a deeply important answer: access and standing and shares his thoughts as to how we address many gaps by improving access to all. And you’ll also hear a clarion call from Jeff: “it’s important for America – and the world – that people who read step forward and remain influential and powerful in the stewardship of our country.”

Thank you, Jeff, for your stewardship of our hometown paper – The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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