Richard Lederer | Linguist, Author, Co-Founding Host of “A Way With Words”

In this episode, Nancy and Jose enjoy an incredible, all around the world of words conversation with the living legend and tour-de-force, the one and only Richard Lederer. In addition to authoring 55 books, he is also the co-founding host of “A Way With Words” on PBS and a columnist for the San Diego Union Tribune, with “Lederer on Language” appearing weekly.

Whether it is palindromes, oxymorons, double sound puns or the history of the Canterbury Tales, what jumps into your ear from this episode is Richard’s love of words and language, the very foundation of literacy. We even learn that reading might also be the foundation of longevity as Richard revealed new research demonstrating that reading thirty minutes daily lengthens one’s life! Yet another reason to read!

Since this show is about addressing gaps, when asked about a gap we might want to address in America, Richard provided an interesting and powerful thought provoking answer: he wishes more Americans spoke second and third languages.

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