Guests: Kristin Gaspar, San Diego County Board of Supervisors – District 3
Charisma De Los Reyes, MSW – San Diego Office of Education – Student Support Services

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar that has a long standing history of public service. She is a leader who represents our families and small businesses in San Diego and has a passion for our most vulnerable – our children. Kristen has the unique ability to support organizations from a supervisory role and understands that this societal issue cannot be fixed at the government level but from a community level utilizing foundations as playing a key role.

Charisma De Los Reyes is a project specialist at the San Diego Office of Education that focuses on research and best practices that is implemented in 42 school districts in San Diego County. Her adaptive nature and ability to understand what the needs are of the children and families has made a positive impact in our communities. She hones in on the impact of childhood domestic violence and how it impacts the students and their performance at school.

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