Guests: Jonathan Kerstetter, Chief Operating Officer – Boys and Girls Club – San Marcos;
Ari Krakowsky, Director of Member Impact – Boys and Girls Club – San Marcos

Johnathan has been a part of the Boys and Girls Club movement for over 10 years and talks about the different kinds of resources that they offer including a “safe place” for youth after school. He shares how the Boys and Girls Club is an important resource for children addressing not only a safe haven, food insecurity, and social and emotional wellness as well as other resources that affect the lives of children.

Ari has a passion for underserved youth and discusses the models they implement that help support children that are at risk. She discusses how the partner with schools in support of social and emotional learning in the after school setting. Ari’s role is an important and critical role that helps focus individual attention on the children which aides in the ability to triage and support each child building a connection and fostering trust.

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