Guests: Megan Dowell, Director of Homeless Services – Salvation Army;
Amy Vance, Director of Door of Hope

Megan has been involved with the Salvation Army for over 5 years and has worked with homeless services for over 12 years. She is passionate about working with underserved populations. She talks about the programs and history of Door of Hope and the Salvation Army what makes them unique and how they meet the needs of our community. Megan elaborates on the skills and services that trauma survivors need to survive and have a successful path forward.

Amy, a once sheltered survivor of domestic violence with children herself, has a history of working with the homeless in San Diego and offers her experiences, the challenges of navigating systems and perspective on her path to recovery and success. She focuses on the core of the Door of Hope programming and how that plays an important role in the foundation and recovery for victims and families of domestic violence.

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