Guests: Elisabeth Caetano, Navigate Changes – MFT / Author;
Kristie Bruce-Lane, President and Founder of The Thumbprint Project Foundation

Elisabeth has served her community for over 22 years as a marriage and family psychotherapist and is an author of Down the Rabbit Hole and Back which is a book of tools to empower women and help them navigate their life. She talks about her experiences in working with victims of domestic violence whom she considers the “silent victims” because these are the cases that go unreported. She explains the impact of domestic violence, why women make the decisions to stay or not, the impact of trauma and how it influences the wiring of the brain and the difficult decisions in navigating the situation they find themselves in.

Kristie, the executive producer of “Thumbprint” talks about the importance of the DocuSeries, being proactive and addressing Childhood Domestic Violence early on at the point of impact. She explains how important the modeling we do a parents at home directly influences our children and that they are not innocent bystanders that go unaffected. She continues to be a strong advocate for children with no voice and believes that the issue of Childhood Domestic Violence starts and stops at home. Awareness is key. The Thumbprint Project Foundation is committed to reducing Domestic Violence especially when children are involved. We see you, you matter.

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