Episode 1 | Sports Movie Madness | The 64 Sports Movies Which Made The Tourney

“Sports Movie Madness” created by sports journalists Kirk Kenney and Jay Posner from the award winning San Diego Union Tribune was so much fun we had to turn it into a podcast! This first episode of the three part GOAT “Sports Movie Madness” series might have you screaming at them for the movies left out of the tourney! 64 movies, four brackets, and each movie seeded from 1-16, just like March Madness! Listen in and you might be screaming voter fraud at the top of your lungs! During this episode, Jay, Kirk and the host, Drew Schlosberg, review the brackets, the movies, and discuss those left out! What are the brackets you’re wondering? Listen in but we’ll tell you now…Baseball, Football, Combat Sports and Other Sports (golf, hockey, others).


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